Unlocking Opportunities: Empowering and Inspiring Female Talent in Logistics

Women in India are shattering long-held perceptions about the kind of roles they can perform in society. Indian women have founded companies and startups and transformed these enterprises into much larger entities and even unicorns. Today, 17 per cent of Indian unicorns are led by women. In addition to the business world, women are entering the most male-dominated and masculine sector of all – the armed forces. The Indian Air Force has women fighter pilots who fly sorties alongside men.  

Whether in the business world, defence services, or a long male-dominated industry such as logistics, women are rapidly shattering long-held stereotypes about the jobs they can do.

More women than ever before are employed in industries that, until just a few decades ago, were thought too demanding for them. The logistics industry – a very hands-on, muscular, travel-intensive, and traditionally male-dominated industry – is one sector where women play a vital role today. 

A steady Increase in Women in Logistics

A 2022 survey showed that the number of women employed in C-level positions within the logistics industry is increasing at a healthy clip. According to the survey, in 2022, 19 per cent of C-level positions in the average logistics company were occupied by women – a jump from 15 per cent from the year prior. However, in the same period, the percentage of women in VP and supply chain roles, fell from 23 to 21 per cent and 41 to 39 per cent, respectively. Women are making progress, even though their numbers in the industry aren’t growing linearly.  

The reasons women succeed in the logistics industry and why firms want and need to hire more women are easy to understand.  

Women breaking barriers

The logistics industry is more challenging than most industries. Those who are part of the industry know that to succeed, they must always be on their toes. The situation on the ground can change on a dime, owing to uncertainty being part and parcel of the industry.

Women are gifted with empathy, creativity, and higher-than-average emotional intelligence; traits that are valuable for logistics players. Women’s ability to empathise makes them well-suited to take charge and diffuse challenging situations. Their power of persuasion helps them guide their teams in the current scenario of the VUCA  environment.

For a logistics company, employing more women also gives rise to new perspectives and presents a novel way to approach problems. Also, when women are part of the workforce, morale is generally higher and retaining employees is easy.  

There are many other reasons women should choose a career in logistics.

What Makes Logistics a Great Career Option for Women

For women, there are many good reasons to work in logistics. Women who work in the logistics industry enjoy nearly endless career opportunities. They can work in diverse sectors, including manufacturing and production, sales and customer service, warehousing, e-commerce, packaging, procurement, finance and analytics, transportation, and even automation and artificial intelligence. With so many sectors to choose from, women have ample choice to work in a role they think they’ll thrive in.     

Another reason women should work in the logistics sector is that logistics companies provide their employees with ample training opportunities. Women who join logistics may be trained to become dispatchers and may go on to become managers. Those who choose to work in customer service may work their way up to roles in upper management.

Also, working in logistics helps women take advantage of their natural strengths. Women are equally competent as men. They are well-suited to work in the logistics industry as it requires people to work together in collaborative settings.

Logistics is a global industry. Countless, massive, and sophisticated supply chains span the globe. For women, working in logistics presents an opportunity to work and travel abroad. Those who work in the industry find it easier than most to establish connections overseas. Such connections are often leveraged to work abroad.

Also, because supply chains are global, being bilingual is a huge advantage in the logistics industry. For Indian women who speak more than one or two languages, the logistics industry offers tremendous opportunities for career advancement in India and abroad.    

The logistics industry is also great for women because it offers a superb work-life balance. Flexible working hours and the option to adopt a hybrid work mode are offered by leading logistics companies.

While these are compelling reasons for women to work in logistics, another good reason women in India should opt to work in logistics is that the industry is poised for rapid growth and expansion.

Logistics is Key to India Becoming Third Largest Economy by 2027

The Indian economy is expected to grow to USD 5 trillion and become the world’s third-largest economy by 2027. The country’s logistics sector will play a central part in helping India’s economy grow during this period. To bolster the country’s logistics sector, the Indian government is undertaking massive infrastructure projects and will continue doing so over the next several decades.

Policies like the National Logistics Policy (NLP) are helping bring down the cost of logistics in India and laying the groundwork for a far more robust and expansive logistics network.

Notably, the country’s logistics sector will not only help the Indian economy grow but also the sector will grow along with the Indian economy. From being valued at USD 250 in 2021, the Indian logistics sector is expected to grow to a whopping USD 380 billion by 2025!

This article has been authored by J.B. Singh, Director, MOVIN Express. All views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of Logistics Insider.

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