Tim Consult launches air cargo market intelligence for Pharma Industry

Air freight experts at Tim Consult yesterday launched a special Market Intelligence Initiative “MII Pharma Air Cargo”. This initiative will provide the pharmaceutical industry specialists with a trusty guide through the labyrinthine world of temperature-controlled global air freight markets.

With its regular market intelligence initiatives, Transporeon-owned Tim Consult has been giving shipping companies unique insights into complex logistics markets since 1999, both at regional and at global level, for all modes of transport, whether land, air or sea.

This latest initiative which will address the critical and technically demanding field of global air cargo for the pharmaceutical industry will also benefit the participating companies by providing them with unique insights not only into pricing by lanes, airports, airlines and forwarders, but also into costs associated with special requirements.

“We’re very excited about this project. Pharmaceutical companies depend on air freight for speed and global reach, but have to comply with stringent regulatory demands. These call for specialist equipment, storage facilities and harmonised handling procedures across the entire supply chain. With freight space in scarce supply and a limited number of qualified service providers, choosing the right course of action through the maze of different rates and services can be hugely challenging. At Tim Consult we’re looking forward to playing our role in assisting this crucial activity.”

~Oliver Kahrs, Managing Director of Tim Consult

For this special benchmarking initiative, the company will be using the old proven methodology as successfully applied in other market intelligence initiatives.

“Our analyses are based on the insights of a community of specialist market players, Participating companies – shippers only – entrust us with their freight data, derived from actual agreements and contracts in active use. So the data is fully grounded in the business. Of course, we have clear rules and processes to ensure confidentiality and compliance.”

~Christoph Bruns, Manager MII Global Air Cargo at Tim Consult.

Tim Consult Market Intelligence Initiatives examine data from companies in the same industries and with the same strategic approach. This assures a high degree of comparability and reliability.

Christoph Bruns adds, “Contributing companies use the results as preparation for supplier negotiations, for tactical freight purchasing and to sharpen strategies and processes based on shared experiences”.

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