Customs clearing processes have been resolved: Apple supplier Foxconn


Apple supplier Foxconn stated on Friday that customs clearing procedures in India have been resolved, following additional scrutiny of imports and consignments from China that had disrupted operations in some foreign firms amid border tensions between the two countries.

Foxconn’s customs clearance for cargo logistics in India has been resolved and all local regulatory procedures have been complied with, Foxconn said in a filing to Taipei stock exchange. It did not, however, divulge additional details.

Customs officers at Indian ports have held back shipments from China and sought additional clearances after the border skirmish at the disputed Himalayan border last month. The increased scrutiny of imports from China has disrupted operations at Foxconn, according to sources.

Earlier this week, Union Minister for MSME and Road Transport and Highways,Nitin Gadkari had clarified that there was no arbitrary stopping of goods at Indian ports.

This clarification came after reports surfaced about consignments originating from China being scrutinised at ports and airports, leading to huge delays and holdups in the clearing of goods ranging from electronics to pharmaceuticals.

This physical examination of Chinese imports was said to be the outcome of an IT system-based alert.

In light of the ongoing conflict in the Galwan Valley between India and China, the two prominent freight leaders DHL and FedEx temporarily suspended the picking up of shipments from China that are bound for India.

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