Govt aims to reduce Logistics Cost with introduction of Road Trains

To encourage multi-container transport on the road and reduce the logistics cost, the government has decided to consider road trains on selected and identified routes.

Road trains, which is a combination of a prime mover with two or more trailers or semi-trailers, are expected to increase efficiency for movement of freight. One road train in India could replace a minimum of at least 3 trucks.

The Transport Ministry’s draft notification reveals that the freight transporter, popularly in the US, Australia and Europe, will have an estimated length of 25 mts in India with three trailer being pulled by a truck.

“This will meet our requirement as we start developing more logistics hubs along the major road corridors. While the road train can move bulk cargo from one point to other, normal or smaller vehicle can be used to transport cargo from the major logistics hubs to destinations,” said an official.

Further, he informs, that the transport ministry keeping in mind the country’s traffic has put a limit on the length of the road trains.

The Transport Ministry has also proposed to change the dimensions of buses and small trucks. The ministry has proposed to reduce the height from 3.8 meters to 3 meters and increase the length of busses from 12 meters to 13.5 meters which will increase 2-4 seats.

Speaking on the proposed changes an official said, “The dimensions, particularly the height of the trucks, has been specifically proposed to be amended to encourage containerised transport. The new norm would be 4 metres and similarly, the height of the buses will be increased to 4 metres except in the case of airport passenger bus. These are in line with global standards.”

Apart from this, the government also proposes to increase the height of double decker buses for better travel.

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