Global Air Capacity down by 22%: Seabury

The COVID-19 pandemic which comes as a health, humanitarian and economic shock to the world has caused great disruptions to the air cargo capacity across the global aviation industry.

According to a report released by Seabury Consulting, the Global air cargo capacity has declined 22 per cent in the last two weeks as compared to last year. However, this comes as good news to the sector as a gradual recovery has been witnessed.

The Air cargo capacity keeps recovering, although at a slow pace, going from -26 per cent a month ago to -22 per cent for the previous two weeks. Global cargo capacity is at its highest level since mid-March, said the report.

Amid the outbreak of the pandemic, the travel restrictions and lockdown in different parts of the world caused a standstill for the global air cargo sector. While only essential commodities were transported earlier, now with the ease on travel restrictions in different countries and formation of air bubbles between different nation one can see the segment moving towards recovery.

The sector which is slowly moving towards recovery after being adversely affected by the pandemic, is anticipating to gain max volumes with the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine.   

As per the report by Seabury, the Global roll-out of a vaccine is estimated to generate 65,000 tonnes of air freight. This is equivalent to close to 930 B747F freighters and five times air vaccine trade in 2019.

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