DGCA grants license to first commercial ‘small category’ drone

Aarav Unmanned System’s (AUS) flagship enterprise-grade multicopter drone ‘Insight’ becomes the first small category drone to be certified by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). AUS’s drone has received the certification for being in line with India’s ‘no permission, no take-off’ protocol. The DGCA has necessitated this protocol for flying all commercial drone in the country.

Earlier, the DGCA has granted three certifications to the ‘micro’ category of drones (payload 0.25kg – 2 kg) making AUS the first company to have a license for flying ‘small’ category drone (payload 2 Kg-25 Kg).

AUS’s CEO Vipul Singh on receiving the DGCA certification, said, “We’re already in talks with several clients who were waiting for us to get the DGCA certification for the small category drone in order to use our services legally. They will now be able to use a Made in India and Made for India drone that can help them realise their business potential.”

BV Naidu, Managing Partner, StartupXseed Ventures who is also an investor in AUS commented, “Since inception, AUS has been making advances in developing new technologies in the Unmanned Ariel Vehicles segment, along with building innovative and low-cost solutions for the enterprise segment. Becoming the first company to obtain compliance certification for the small category is substantiation to their competence in meeting the highest level of benchmarks present in the industry.”

“He added, “Though they are well-positioned to address the inconsistencies of tech-disabled operations at enterprises and their adversities at global levels since long, this recognition from DGCA will give them more credibility and opportunities to cater to.”

AUS presently works with major firms and conglomerates in sectors like mining, infrastructure, power and survey companies, including several state-run agencies.

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