Agility’s GRA to distribute Dr. Reddy’s anti-viral drug Favipiravir

Global Response Aid (GRA), a Dubai-based unit of Agility signed a tripartite agreement with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Tokyo-based FUJIFILM Corporation for the development, manufacture and sale of Avigan tablets (favipiravir), a potential treatment of COVID-19.

The inked agreement will grant both Dr Reddy’s and GRA the rights to develop, sell and distribute Avigan in all countries other than Japan, China and Russia. Dr Reddy’s will also have an exclusive right to manufacture the anti-viral drug Favipiravir.

It will be sold via the global sales network of Global Response Aid. The global logistics provider was established in May this year to procure certified diagnostic, testing and protective products and offer services such as a contact-tracing app and mobile testing used in the detection, treatment and prevention of COVID-19.

“Under the tripartite agreement signed on 30th June 2020, FUJIFILM grants Dr. Reddy’s the exclusive rights of manufacturing and also grants both Dr. Reddy’s and GRA the rights to develop, sell and distribute Avigan in all countries other than Japan, China and Russia.”

~Dr Reddy‘s

Dr Reddy’s is one of India’s biggest pharmaceuticals manufacturers.

Avigan tablet (favipiravir) is traditionally used to treat infuenza, and is also being tested in COVID-19 patients. Developed in Japan in 2014, the tablet is considered for use only when there is an outbreak of novel or re-emerging influenza virus infections in which other influenza antiviral drugs are either not effective or insufficiently effective, and the Japanese government decided to use the drug as a countermeasure against such influenza viruses.

It is currently being tested on COVID-19 patients.

The signed agreement will grant Dr. Reddy’s exclusive rights for development, selling and distribution of Avigan in India and the right to use Avigans patents of formulation and manufacturing method. Dr Reddy’s will herewith establish a setup for manufacturing of drugs of the same quality as Avigan and utilize GRA global sales network to supply the manufactured drugs swiftly.

Further, the Japan-based company will provide Dr Reddy’s and GRA with an array of data on Avigan’s preclinical and clinical studies that FUJIFILM has accumulated thus far. And, in turn would receive an upfront license fee and royalties on sales from Dr. Reddy’s and GRA.

The FUJIFILM Group is currently conducting a clinical study on Avigan® targeting COVID-19 patients in Japan and the US, and is working to increase the drug’s production by partnering with domestic and overseas companies, Dr Reddy’s said.

Dr. Reddy’s and the Dubai-based company GRA shall introduce the product in the market post all applicable approvals in the respective countries, it said.

Global Response Aid (GRA) is a Dubai-based unit of Agility– a pioneer in emerging markets and one of the world’s top freight forwarding and contract logistics providers that has, over time, invested in latest technologies to enhance supply chain efficiency.

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