These Software Solutions Providers are challenging the traditional way of Freight Forwarding

Being in this technologically enriched epoch, people want to savour the benefits of digital facets. From reading the news to listening songs, everything has evolved with the advancement of technology. To keep the pace with the fast-growing digital age and the ever-growing expectations of the end consumers, companies need to incorporate technological foundation.

Technology comes with the possibility to help companies triumph the market. It is no longer an option. Rather, it has become an indispensable need. To grow and withstand the dynamic market, digital integration and technological reconstruction is an imperative measure to lay hold on.

Talking about the digitalization of companies, the logistics industry is no exception. To make the aspects of export and import simpler and cost-effective, the integration of technology is foremost. With the increasing demand for digital integration in the logistics industry, many software solutions providers have stepped in to serve the purpose.

Meanwhile, when the majority of freight forwarders are still on the verge of transforming themselves, many have already benefitted from the integration of online facility embellished by software solutions providers. With a view to making freight forwarding easier and to provide hassle-free booking and tracking of freight, these companies have lately put some great efforts towards digital reinforcement in the logistics industry.

Listed below are four software solutions providers who have made it to our list for their outstanding ability to transform the logistics and supply chain processes.


With an aim to digitalize the logistics industry and simplify the freight forwarding processes across India and globally, LogYcode stepped into the market to serve the need of the hour. Based in Delhi NCR, LogYcode is an e-cloud and web-based platform empowering and easing the freight forwarding industry with digital potency.

With the idea of creating an e-marketplace where customers can shop and ship easily along with the opportunity to grow their business efficiently, LogYcode began its operations in April 2018, spearheaded by Founder and MD, Dr Ambrish Kumar.

Working on the key vision of rendering a platform or a marketplace which provides Air freight purchasing industry with real-time instant rates for their buyers, LogYcode has already ventured into changing the traditional way the customers meet their logistical needs.

Brief insights

Apart from having a team of personnel with phenomenal experience and background in logistics, freight forwarding, airlines, shipping lines, terminal handling and IT, LogYcode uses leading-edge technology to make the most cost-effective match between exporters/ importers on one hand and air freight carriers on the other.

It provides precisely instant and on spot price comparison between the preferred carriers for any origin-destination pair based on the customers’ query input and consequently places booking with the opted carrier.

In the aviation and air freight arena, LogYcode has the benefit of the huge untapped market of international logistics and empowering customers with information at their fingertips.

In the imminent hours, LogYcode’s endeavour is to automate and digitalize the logistics industry and aiming at unfurling a gamut of services in Air, Ocean, Road transportation and Warehousing. The ultimate goal is set to provide a neutral e-commerce logistics marketplace with one-stop-shop-solution for all logistics prerequisites.

Why choose LogYcode?

  • Spot rates on all major airlines
  • Query & Booking management
  • Published tariff reference
  • AWB/ documents creation and management
  • Stage-wise Live Tracking
  • Customer management
  • Prompt customer support and Chatbots
  • Generation of billing and invoice
  • Customer portal to access tools
  • Full breakdown of shipment cost
  • E-dockets

Despite being a startup that is just more than a year old, LogYcode has been serving the logistics industry efficiently since its inception with its infallible technological offerings.


Founded in 2012, Freightos is one of the very first software solutions providers for logistics sector. To make the freight trading frictionless, Zvi Schreiber, the CEO made the logistics market more transparent and reliable with the integration of the software platform. Based in Hong Kong, Freightos had initially dealt in shippers and forwarders.

In 2016, being the first online marketplace for international freight, Freightos acquired WebCargNet, a Spanish tech-freight startup to explore more feats of logistics, especially in the air cargo sector.

Brief insights

Initially, the beta version of the Freightos software was released in 2012 and after a good response in 2013, the software was launched commercially. Freightos has features for uploading freight pricing contracts, a database for freight rates for the customers to have a proper comparison. They also have automatic freight and quotations module. The quotation algorithm includes routing of door-to-door freight services. The Freightos SaaS supports exchanging quote requests and quotes between freight forwarders and their agents.

Why choose Freightos? 

  • Full breakdown of shipment cost
  • Good customer service
  • Free rate calculator tool.


In 2013, Ryan Petersen founded Flexport, the first international freight forwarder and customs brokerage that was built around an online dashboard. They provide all modes of freight transportation- ocean shipping, air freight and ground transportation.

Being the first freight-forwarding outfits to digitise international shipping, the company achieved more international trades through simplifying international trade and customer experience for transporting of large-scale goods using software and automation.

Brief insights

With a vision of connecting people seamlessly for conducting trade without having any physical boundaries, the company built the first operating system for Global Trade. Flexport and the Operating System for Global Trade had brought together technology, infrastructure and expertise for providing real-time visibility and control and a better freight forwarding experience. With the incorporation of Flexport software, faster and predictable transit time is attained.

Why choose Flexport? 

  • Generation billing and invoice
  • Customer portal to access tools

CargoWise One:

CargoWise One is a single-platform software solution designed to increase productivity and improve integration, automation, and communication with the supply chain developed by WiseTech Global. With a mission to lead the international logistics industry in technology innovation and digitalization, in 1994, WiseTech Global was founded in Sydney, Australia. 

Brief insights 

CargoWise One gives high levels of automation and visibility which helps in reducing margin error and simplifying the supply chain. It integrates businesses with their customers and partners, streamlining the supply processes and increases the efficiency and profitability of operations.

Why choose CargoWise one?

  • Generation of billing and invoice
  • Customer management
  • Customer portal to access tools
  • Warehouse management

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