First truck carrying COVID-19 vaccine consignments set to leave from Pune’s Serum Institute of India


The first truck carrying the COVID-19 vaccine consignment is scheduled to leave Pune’s Serum Institute of India’s manufacturing facility on Monday, as India prepares for the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccine inoculation drive that begins on January 16.

Mumbai-based pharma supply chain company, Koolex Cold Chain Limited that specialises in temperature control logistics will be part of the colossal logistics transporting Coronavirus vaccines across India. The company has a fleet of over 300 reefer trucks

Koolex Cold Chain’s Managing Director Rahul Subhash Agarwal and Executive Director Kunal Subhash Agarwal shared that Koolex trucks will be moving vaccines from the manufacturing facilities to storage facilities and later to end stations, where the people will be inoculated. 

The Managing Director of the pharma logistics company also shared that they are planning to move 2 to 3 consignments of the vaccine to various destination points across the country on Monday.

The company is yet to receive the details of the destinations but most probably the first consignment would be transferred to a nearby state government-owned storage facility. 

He informed that the company will be handling the primary movement of about 60 to 70 per cent vaccines from the manufacturing locations to all government depots as a part of the primary cold chain while stating that Koolex is happy to be a part of the world’s largest nationwide inoculation drive.

Temperature-controlled logistic trucks

While underlining the features of these temperature control logistic trucks, Koolex Executive Director Kunal Agarwal said, “We have been in this business for quite some time and over the years we have diversified ourselves in pharma sphere and due to this, we have considerable experience in handling such high-value and sensitive cargos.”

Pointing towards the qualities of Koolex trucks, Kunal Agarwal said that these trucks are very special as they can go from minus 25 degrees to plus 25 degrees. “The trucks are fully insulated and have a lot of tech involved in them which gives door sensors in terms of looking at what temperature is inside, when and by whom the door was opened. The special system installed in the truck is also capable of telling how many times its door was opened, “he added.

“These trucks have 50 degrees temperature range to carry vaccines and other products to different parts of the country at a required temperature range. Koolex trucks are fully geared up for world’s largest inoculation drive.”

~Kunal Subhash Agarwal, Executive Director, Koolex Cold Chain

Mr Agarwal said that if India plans to vaccinate the entire population in the span of one and a half years, then around 200 to 300 trucks will have to be moved in a particular day.

The upcoming nationwide inoculation drive will greatly help to redefine infrastructure in terms of enabling the entire cold chain facility in India, he shared.

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