CSC India launches “Turant”- the real-time tracking app for pharma cargo


CSC India Group, a premier Air Cargo handling conglomerate, launched “Turant” – CSC’s Realtime Temperature Tracking App for pharmaceutical shipments.

With features like providing real-time updates of the shipment that is updated every 5 minutes, to providing temperature-monitoring, the application has been developed with the view of taking CSC to a digital world and to have a better transformation to have the global presence.

In a Virtual Global Press Conference on February 11, the CSC Group shared this news while also showcasing its infrastructure, storage handling capacity, and the new age digital solution for tracking the temperature of the shipments.

The virtual conference also had an engaging panel discussion spearheaded by Satish Lakkaraju, Chief Commercial Officer, Agility who opened the floor for crucial discussions and interchange of ideas among the panel members featuring Tushar Jani, Chairman of the Board, CSC India; Mumbai Cargo Service Center Airport Pvt. Ltd., Manoj Singh, Senior Vice President & Head – Cargo Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd; Pramod Pereira, Unit Head of Cold Chain and Frank Van Gelder, Secretary-General Pharma, Aero.

Mr Jani spoke about the importance of the pharmaceutical industry in catering to the call of humanity and shared brilliant insights on how India has come far ahead in supplying medicines to the world.

“India supplies 20% of the generic drugs in the world, and this will go up to 40%”, he stated.

He also highlighted how the government initiatives have played a crucial role in boosting India’s role in the global pharmaceutical industry and asserted how the country is continuing with its profound role of serving.

“The Indian ethos is to give and we will give to the world.”

~Tushar Jani, Chairman of the Board, CSC India, on India pushing its stature as the “Pharmacy of the World”

Further, he also shed light on how the private sector has relentlessly laboured to deliver at such an unprecedented time as the pandemic.

“We want to support the private enterprise who have worked so hard for research. We want to work towards bringing complete excellence, complete superiority in terms of supply chain.”

Mr Manoj Singh underlined how collaborative efforts have been the key for the successful ongoing vaccine inoculation drive.

“What we had prioritised before we began this mission was to work together as a collaborative effort. We got all stakeholders together, all operational risks, stakeholders , people, regulatory bodies,  it was all well accepted, working on a single agenda to take care of the life of the people and it really worked well”, he shared.

Mr Singh highlighted the role of the entire Air community team right from the air cargo, to freight forwarders, and also the Customs department  for their support in speeding up the entire process.

We had 24 million doses already shipped out and we are expecting 92 countries to export the vaccines from Mumbai airport 

“We have kept all our safety parameters in place and communication well open, right from CSC’s chairman to myself, we track every shipment that is going and we are communicating to every regulatory bodies”, MR Singh shared.

“Since 16th of Jan until now, almost 32 million doses have been exported, more than 800 boxes have already been shipped out from our airport.”

~Manoj Singh, Senior Vice President & Head – Cargo Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd

Pramod Pereira shed light on how the Turant-CSC app will redefine the way information pertaining to pharma shipments will be available.

“Sitting at your home or in your office, you have the temperature with you, and everything is real-time, it updates every 5-10 mins”, he shared.

“There are two things, one, that you are tracking your shipment in the terminal with the temperature, and two, everything is happening in real-time.”

He further added that the app will be an element of delight for all the customers and stakeholders as it will provide them with data in their hands, something “which has never happened before”.

“Its a bold move because it gives us the responsibility to see that the shipment is actually kept in that temperature, which is visible to you today. That is the kind of responsibility we are willing to take today.”

~Pramod Pereira, Unit Head of Cold Chain

Frank Van Gelder highlighted the need for collaborations in today’s scenario and said how community efforts, digitalisation and collaboration were only talked about prior to the pandemic, but the pandemic compelled the industry to take necessary actions.

“Developing high speed vaccines behind closed doors,Security, Reliability, Transparency were the four major concerns of the pharma industry, now we have proven that we are able to that. This is the new normal, this is the new zero point.”

~Frank Van Gelder, Secretary-General Pharma, Aero

The industry leaders also took on questions during the session and spoke about collaborative efforts, need for boosting innovations in the industry and also on how digitalisation will pave the way ahead.

The CSC group had earlier announced that they were the only air cargo handler in India to receive CEIV IATA Pharma certification for
their pharma cargo handling facility, awarded by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for its Pharma Excellence Centre. It has also been awarded with the GDP Pharma Certification by TUV SUD.

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