How LogYcode made Freight Forwarding just a 5-click process

Simplification is the clarion call of this time and age. Simplifying freight forwarding and propelling it into the digital forum may still seem like an impossible feat to many but LogYcode has gone on to achieve the impossible, which would still seem unimaginable to many.

By harnessing the supreme advantages of the digital world, LogYcode has revolutionized the traditional process of cumbersome, extended steps by transforming it into a simple 5-click process whereby an exporter can register on the site and get updates of its freight.

A time-of-age solution that caters to a time where every second is crucial for businesses, we look at how LogYcode was born and tailored to suit customer demand and how it has now carved a niche for itself in the freight forwarding domain in the digital space.

A bird’s eye view of the world of Freight Forwarding:

How does a traditional freight forwarding

Freight forwarding is a tumultuous task spread across in stages, yet is the very backbone of seamless cargo movement. But what does it consist of? Here is a step-wise breakdown of the entire process that takes place in 12 stages. 

LogYcode’s Revolutionary 5-Click Mantra:

True to its promise, LogYcode has completely reshaped the structure of freight forwarding through its five-click simplification of the entire process of air freight forwarding. By employing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and the latest technologies, it strives to bring about utmost transparency and visibility to the customer and the parties involved in a supply chain thereby embracing blockchain technology. 

The five basic clicks involve –

  1. Add Query
  2. Query Revert
  3. Booking Request
  4. Documents preparation
  5. Invoice generation and Live tracking

From a start-up idea to a triumphant dark horse: Scaling the growth of LogYcode

LogYcode is the brainchild of Dr Ambrish Kumar who brought life to his concept after understanding the pressing need of foraying into a digital platform.

A Noida-based company that is built on the very premise of bringing air freight forwarding services to the digital domain, LogYcode has witnessed a commendable growth in a very short span of time. It captured the market first by introducing features like Instant Auto-quotes, availability of Air Freight Rates, Online Booking, Live Tracking until shipment execution.

One of the key visions of the organization is to create a platform or a marketplace and a central grid which will facilitate the trade stakeholders’ single window digital solutions expediting seamless supply chain movement.  It also happened to be recommended among the contenders in the pipeline for the digital Logistics services for Indian Ports Association (IPA). 

Accolades along the way:

Within a year of entering the digital platform of freight forwarding, LogYcode has garnered considerable accolades to its feat.  From being awarded and recognized as the “E-Commerce Start-up of the Year 2019” at the 10th All India Maritime and Logistics Awards 2019 (MALA 2019), it went on to receive the Certificate of excellence by Startup City Magazine in the  “Vibrant Startup of the Year 2019” award.

LogYcode is also a certified member of NASSCOM and NAP (neutral AIR PARTNER) Association.  To amass such recognition in such a short spell is only symbolic of the dire necessity that was felt in the digital domain. And LogYcode has certainly done justice to this need through marked efficiency by also introducing timely updates of its versions on the site.

What’s next: Features to look forward to in the latest version

As a digital platform that is regularly updated and tuned to suit requisite needs, the forthcoming versions of LogYcode will be packed with interesting features like DGD preparation, customs data transmission, terminal charges execution apart from key development of the other core modules.

The necessity of bringing crucial segments and processes of cargo movement to the digital domain is absolute. What would have seemed like dream years back is now a pressing need of the hour as we grow more dependent on the world of the internet to save our time and efforts.

LogYcode has undeniably carved the way for more such initiatives to be transformed into virtual reality and we look forward to for more such ventures in the industry.

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