Managing Modern Supply Chain Risks with Ancient Clues

In a world dominated by technological advancements, the ancient wisdom of Greece, India, Egypt, and […]

festive season
How Innovators Are Transforming Supply Chains in Celebration Season

As we approach the festive season in India, the e-commerce industry is gearing up for […]

Navigating the Complexities of Black Friday 2023: A Deep Dive into Supply Chain Dynamics, Consumer Behavior, and Economic Factors

As the global retail landscape gears up for Black Friday on November 24, 2023, uncertainties […]

The Remarkable Surge in Efficiency Within Indian Supply Chains

India, driven by a fervent desire to align its logistical prowess with global standards, has […]

Tesla’s Mega Deal with India: Unveiling a Revolutionary Shift in the EV Landscape

In a groundbreaking development poised to reshape India’s automotive landscape, the country is reportedly on […]

Future of Manufacturing in India: Reclaiming the Glory of our past!

When asked for my prediction on the future of manufacturing in India, I vehemently stated […]

Unlocking success through the power of Data-Driven Decision Making

In today’s business landscape, making decisions based on data is not just an advantage but […]

Navigating India’s Maritime Future: The IMEC Corridor and Sustainable Trade

In the rapidly evolving landscape of global trade, Indian sea ports are undergoing substantial transformations […]

Adani Group’s Strategic Overseas Ports Expansion Amidst Geopolitical Dynamics

In a decisive move to bolster its overseas ports portfolio, the Adani Group is set […]

The Impact of the Israel-Hamas War on Global Logistics and Supply Chain

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East has far-reaching implications for […]

Amid Disruptions, Global Air Cargo Takes a Resilient Flight: IATA Report

This past year hasn’t been a bed of roses for the global air cargo industry […]

Sailing Through Uncertainty: Maersk’s Battle Amidst Industry Turmoil

In the ever-changing landscape of global liner shipping, resilience becomes the defining characteristic of survival. […]

railways container freight
Unlocking India’s Freight Potential: A Triumph in Rail Cargo

In the heart of the bustling Indian logistics landscape, a monumental achievement silently echoes the […]

The China Conundrum: Navigating an Exodus

In light of the present circumstances – the geopolitical tensions, high manufacturing costs, and rising […]

Supply Chain Startup Funding: A Change of Winds?

Over the years, numerous supply chain startups have attracted billions in funding from venture capitalists. […]

Enayam Port
The Enayam Port Debate: To Be Or Not To Be

Filled with controversy, ambition, and, quite literally, a sea of challenges, the saga of Enayam […]

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