5 Tech-Logistics Startups in India providing hassle-free delivery to sellers

Remember those times when we had to stand in a long queue to pay our utility bills? I clearly remember those odd times when we would have to wait for hours if we wanted to make an international call from a PCO. The case was almost similar when we needed to ship things from one part of the country to another. Except for, in the latter case, it was until very recently.
But today, with the advent of technology and its roots spreading across various verticals, our life has been simplified. Someone rightly said, “We’re seeing a race against time with logistics.” With the implementation of technology, many logistics startups in India have sprung up and are committed to providing bespoke services thus helping the logistics ecosystem to flourish.

With the growing e-commerce market, sellers often find it difficult to provide their customers with a smooth shipping experience. With the e-commerce sector’s booming rise in India, which is expected to reach USD 150 billion by 2022, the sky is the limit for the Indian sellers. Today’s logistics suppliers use strong leadership teams with intra-intercity logistics, automated smart dispatches and mind-blowing AI support. Technology is augmenting the complexities of modern transport and logistics and solving the problems of restricted pin code coverage, fewer payment options, no scope for negotiations in the shipping costs, and outdated shipping practices.

Many logistics startups in India are aiming to offer sellers an opportunity to ship their products in different parts of India and the world at the lowest rates and offer last mile solution to local business. And they all have to thank technology for enabling it. Here is a list of logistics startups in India (in no particular order) that are using technology in order to provide hassle-free shipping to the sellers.


Shiprocket is a data-driven logistics aggregation platform which drives efficiency in India’s e-commerce logistics by connecting online retailers with logistics providers along the supply chain to enable end-to-end solutions. The company envisions collaboratively connecting online retailers, logistics companies and consumers in a seamless platform to create delightful shipping experiences for everyone. Shiprocket’s CORE (courier recommendation engine) is the first of its kind and optimizes courier selection on more than 10 variables including shipment weight, pickup and delivery performance, RTO performance, mode and cost and is able to automatically select the most appropriate courier partner and mode for each seller’s shipment that’s processed on the platform.


Leveraging the power of technology, the web and app-based online logistics platform offers a modernistic and simplified way of truck hiring and tracking at fingertips. With their on-demand transportation solutions, they strive to cater to all goods movement in both full load and part load capacity. With rate index, live pricing and a three-step booking feature, Trukky aims to bring in more ease and transparency in the trucking ecosystem. Their mobile-enabled technology seamlessly communicates with our immense network of truck operators & co-loaders to bring in a responsive value stream.


Rivigo provides high-quality services across major industry verticals such as e-commerce, FMCG, auto, pharma and the cold-chain space. With a large network of company-owned trucks, Rivigo offers line-haul solutions and claims to lower transit time by 50 to 70 per cent compared to typical operators. It enables users to post full truckload requirements and get truck supply with a single click at best market rates. Founded in 2014, they have been transforming the sector with their global-first driver relay model and cutting-edge technology to cut down significantly on delivery times.


GoBOLT is one of the tech-logistics startups in India operating in B2B surface transportation space in long-haul and short-haul operations. Using data analytics and IoT, this Mumbai-based logistics startup provides smart logistics solutions like right vehicle selection, route/delivery planning, real-time tracking, reduced transit time and reliable documentation and control, among others. The company also has a SaaS-based marketplace Freight Management System “LaunchPad”. Apart from e2e controls, track & trace, “LaunchPad” has a unique self-learning platform of sourcing and price analytics which is building technology-enabled spot sourcing competitive advantage for the firm.


FarEye is a digital logistics platform to move goods efficiently.  It empowers organizations with predictive visibility and operational intelligence to achieve on-time deliveries at a reduced cost. It provides an optimised service known as FarEye Delivery which is a flexible workflow-based platform for logistics providers & fleet owners to deliver superior customer experience at peak operational efficiency. Fleet owners and companies improve profitability, on-time deliveries, and visibility through FarEye’s agile and scalable platform that lets them design, execute, modify and monitor delivery operations on a single platform.

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