Special Coverage: Day 1 of the 45th Annual ACAAI Convention held in Phuket

Members of ACAAI and the air cargo fraternity thronged the convention to discuss the future of the air logistics market

The Air Cargo Agents Association of India’s (ACAAI) 45th Annual Convention kicked off at the balmy island of Phuket in Thailand on Thursday under the presidency of Mr Sunil Arora. This year, the ACAAI convention is being held from November 21st to November 24th on the theme – ‘End to end logistics – The way forward.’

On the first day, the convention was formally inaugurated by lighting the lamp and release of Convention Souvenir by the Chief Guest Mr Fitsum Abadi, Managing Director, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services; Mr Sunil Arora, President, ACAAI; Mr Anil Vazirani, Chairman, ACAAI Convention 2019 and all other dignitaries.

Mr Arora in his presidential address lauded the efforts being taken by the Government of India for the creation of an environment for the thriving of Logistics sector and air cargo business. He said, “Air cargo and complete logistics sector has finally got the importance and the lifeline status in the manufacturing industry. Initiatives from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Finance to incorporate air cargo industry into a different institution mechanism have been expedited. Our endeavour for separate Logistics ministry will continue in spite of all positive initiatives taken by the Govt of India.”

Mr Arora further added, “This ACAAI convention will witness serious and professional discussions. We are expecting the exchange of radical ideas and thought process at this convention. Our suggestions and ideas on the theme ‘End to end logistics – The way forward’ at the convention will be forwarded to the government which will help in forming the ground for logistics policy.”           

Prior to the presidential address, Mr Vazirani delivered the welcome address and gave a brief overview of the convention’s proceedings. Mr Abadi gave a presentation on the current state of global civil aviation and talked about the role of IATA and ICAO in his brief address.

Mr Anis Chakravarty, Partner and Leader, Global Transfer Pricing Center, Deloitte delivered an engaging talk on the current challenges in the logistics sector which left the audience with a question that whether traditional logistics companies are ready to embrace digitalization and new technology in their supply chain.

Mr CK Govil, Secretary-General, ACAAI presented the vote of thanks at the end of the first day of the convention. The day ended with a cultural programme hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. 

The 4-day long ACAAI convention attended by the top execs of the air cargo fraternity will witness discussions on a wide range of issues pertaining to cybersecurity, air and sea freight logistics, alternative dispute redressal mechanism, customs and much more.

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