Indian Railways permits transport of liquid oxygen carrying tanks using trains

Under its ‘Roll on roll off scheme’, Indian Railways has issued rules to transport liquid medical oxygen tankers across the country in trains.

This means that these trucks will drive on to trains and the trains will move the trucks to destination.

This has come in light after the state of Maharashtra, one of the most badly-hit states in the country battling with steep rise in COVID-19 cases, had requested the railways to allow the transportation of trucks carrying liquid medical oxygen (cryogenic tankers).

The railways has issued transportation rates, weight requirements and the rules are valid till October 15.

In addition to that, the rules have also declared that the Railways will not levy surcharges and will provide five hours free cargo handling time.

However, Goods and Services Tax(GST) will be levied and two people including the driver can get on truck (with second class tickets).

Earlier, the Maharashtra Principal secretary had written to the Indian Railways seeking help on the matter.

The railways will be transporting liquid oxygen on trains to Maharashtra in cryogenic tankers.

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