Traqo sets out on a massive hiring spree to bolster local economies

SaaS-based tracking solutions provider – Traqo – is all set to expand its workforce and will be hiring a massive 1000 field sales executives from throughout India’s industrial areas. But what is so special about this hiring? The thing that makes it stand out is that all these 1000 people will be hired on the basis of their skill and knowledge, rather than focusing on their formal education. With this initiative, Traqo wants to gesture appreciation and respect for the blue-collar workers of the Indian logistics industry, and do their bit for easing the employment situation of the industry in a post-Covid time. Traqo strongly believes that there is a need to reinforce the logistics ecosystem at the grassroots level. And in the process, they aim to create local opportunities thus strengthening the regional economy.  

Traqo believes in giving opportunities and changing the world with technology. Our entire core team is less than 27 years old but understand the deep pain of the industry and changing the old & manual way to vehicle tracking.”

~ Pratik Pandey, Head of Business Growth at Traqo

The young and dynamic team at Traqo is mentored by some of the doyens of the industry who are revered in their areas of expertise. That includes experts like Piyush Chaturvedi, Gagan Chaturvedi, Mukesh Deogune and Sailesh Kaul. With the guidance of these industry experts, Traqo aims to be a disruptive force in the logistics industry.

From left to right: Nikhil Maurya – Head of DevOps; 2. Shantanu Atri – Key Account Manager; 3. Vaibhav Kumar – Engineering head; 4. Pratik Pandey – Head of Business Growth

For a recently instituted company with a pretty young core team, they already have more than 15 manufacturers (Zamil Steel, Croma, Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd., etc.), more than 20 software companies (Rilapp, e-Parivahan, etc.) and more than 30 transporters (DHL, Ezyhaul, Varuna, etc.) on board with them. The newly hired field sales executives further are responsible to get on board various brokers from the industry.

Traqo takes pride in its SIM-based tracking technology which enables users to start tracking the vehicles within 60 seconds, even using a feature phone. That is right – their tracking services don’t require you to have a smartphone (or any GPS hardware for that matter) as they garner direct support from telecom service providers like Reliance Jio, Vi, Airtel along with many others. Additionally, they include a KPI Dashboard and unlimited trackings/pings in the bouquet of services they offer, which a customer typically gets at a cost 40-60% lower than the market.

“Immediate responses and individualized services that feel suited to our unique wants are guided, as a result of which customer satisfaction and productivity is improved. Also, hardware and installation cost is saved due to SIM-based tracking. We witnessed a jump from 70% to 90% in terms of shipment tracking in a matter of 5 months,” said Y Abhilash Reddy, Sr. Solution Analyst at Ezyhaul.

Apart from the SIM-based tracking services, Traqo also offers various operating efficiencies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) like Anomaly Detection & Cost-saving Request Intervals for individual trips being tracked – thereby, helping to curtail transit and detention costs and eventually the logistics cost as well. Their products also make predictions and automatically analyzes the data it processes while performing routine actions. Users can predict halt time and ETA based on festivals, weather and other factors, while also generating reports based on detention time, truck model, package type, vehicle model/type, driver behaviour (over a period of time) etc. Traqo claims that based on the data it collects and analyzes, a user can be suggested the procedure to increase their monthly distance travel from ~6,000-10,000km. Another interesting element is Traqo’s Application Programming Interface (API) solutions, which are trusted and being used by prominent names like e-Parivahan, Rilapp Tech, Ezyhaul etc. These solutions make it easier for users to gather, process, analyze and publish data in a seamless way while saving a lot of time and effort but not compromising on the quality or reliability.

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