India’s Consideration of Carbon Tax Mirrors EU’s CBAM Principles

In a significant move that aligns with global environmental consciousness and economic regulations, India is […]

Unlocking Success in Contract Logistics: Key Lessons for Businesses

In today’s intricate and rapidly evolving business landscape, the symbiotic relationship between Supply Chain Management […]

Air India’s Cargo Expansion: A Strategic Takeoff

In the ever-evolving aviation landscape, Air India is not just soaring in the passenger domain […]

Revolutionizing Global Trade: Russia’s Historic Cargo Transit via Iran’s Transport Corridor

In a groundbreaking development that is poised to reshape the global trade landscape, the Chief […]

Charting The Evolution Of Express Courier Logistics in India

The express courier industry in India has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. Embracing […]

Your Guide to Calibrating Supply Chains for the Festive Season

To ensure that the spiked demand is met effectively, supply chain managers have to take […]

supply chain transparency
From Secrecy to Strength: Supply Chain Transparency is the Key to Critical Collaborations

Supply chain transparency – a concept that was virtually unknown 15 years ago – is […]

Deep Dive: All eyes on TVS SCS as much awaited IPO hits the floor

TVS Supply Chain Solutions, a division of the TVS Mobility Group, announced back in July […]

Acing demand and supply during the festive season: Strategies from an expert

The festive season all across the world is a time of celebration and translates into […]

The Human Factor: How Inexpensive and Smart AI Could Leave Scars on the Job Economy

As we progress further into the 21st century, the impact of artificial intelligence on the […]

Exim Vidya
Customs Broker Selection – First Step to Ensure Compliance (Part II)

Many times, the selection of customs broker is treated like buying any normal services, keeping […]

Ethical Considerations in AI-Enabled supply chain decision-making

In recent years, India has seen significant progress in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Shifting tides put China’s dominance under threat

China’s position as the world’s factory has been solid for a decade now, demarcating itself […]

From Bean to Bar – The Meticulous Chocolate Supply Chain

Chocolate is a beloved treat enjoyed by millions around the world, including our country, and […]

Securing Supply Chains: Strengthening Resilience and Diversification

In an ever-evolving global landscape, world leaders have turned their attention to critical issues such […]

Generative AI in Supply Chain – A Fresh Wave of Transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is probably one of technology’s best bestowal upon the world, including the […]

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