Choosing the right TMS partner: CargoFL, an AI-driven configurable cloud SaaS TMS for your business


Did you know that logistics counts for a major chunk of the total expenses of a company – around 10-15 percent? Yet, only 6% of companies apply automation in logistics to decrease their logistics cost. With the natural progression of technology, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are expected to become one of the most indispensable solutions for the logistics and supply chain industry. An efficient TMS deals with all the aspects of monitoring, organizing, managing, as well as handling any matter related to the transportation of products right from the moment an order is placed until its final delivery, thus, turning out to be the key to ace the logistics game.

How is adopting a TMS for my business beneficial?

A TMS will not only help you to increase your supply chain visibility by enhancing trade compliance and day-to-day transport operations but will also, eventually, have a positive impact on the delivery of freight- all while making the entire supply chain more cost-effective. It will help you to synergize intermodal freight movement either within your own periphery or through a 3rd party logistics provider. An eloquent TMS is a necessity for organized and cost-effective logistics solutions as it provides a number of fulfillment options for the customer, thereby taking it up a notch towards omnichannel logistics. TMS proves advantageous for companies to implement ERP and create a bridge between various internal networks for seamless flow of information all across.

CargoFL: A cut above the rest?

CargoFL, a cloud-based SaaS ecosystem for logistics, has been revolutionary and a pioneer in digitizing supply chains and logistics in India. With a tagline that says – Enabling your business with AI driven logistics & supply chain technology – CargoFL was established with an aim to use technology as a fix to the highly unorganized and fragmented road transport sector in the country. CargoFL is the 4-year-old brainchild of Deepesh Kuruppath who realized the need for digitization of transportation and efficient communication between truckers and shippers. The company has proven its worth over the years with its ERP product, CargoFL Trucker and later launched technology solutions for shippers with CargoFL Dispatch.

What are the key features of CargoFL?

The basic features include booking / trip management, eLR & ePOD, Rate Management, Transporter Collaboration, SAP Integration, Accounting, Invoicing, reporting, dashboards, analytics, transit matrix, transporter performance, Vehicle tracking, Package Tracking etc. The advanced features include demand planning, auction & bidding, load optimization, route optimization, CargoFL TITO, document management (OCR), Store Returns Management & customized solutions for your business.

How does their technology stand out?

Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are CargoFL’s USPs throughout their product offerings, which aid in elevating efficiency and curtailing costs. For instance, the CargoFL Dispatch is an automation software – backed by AI – to manage multiple vendors, generate analytics and track consignments, on a single platform. Their products inculcate a customer framework to facilitate easy customization for the people they work with, which gives them the advantage to never say ‘No’ when it comes to customization. This, according to their customers, gives CargoFL an edge over their competitors. Their products’ ability to be highly customized stems from the fact that all businesses have their own, unique methods of operating and it’s not necessary that one product suits all. Their service offerings for shippers start from managing dispatches to the consolidation of Proof of Delivery (POD) and everything in between. Being cloud based, the products offer a plethora of advantages including better economies of scale, the lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment.

How do I easily configure their TMS to my requirements?

CargoFL designs their products keeping in mind the re-usability of technology components – more like an online store of logistics technology apps – which not only will help your company cut down costs but will also help in faster operations and improved productivity. They’ve built a ‘Wix for TMS’ that will host re-usable supply chain technology modules that can be leveraged by businesses (shippers) to build and customize their TMS on the fly. As they move forward towards expansion in the North American market for TMS, they have made sure that geographic borders don’t pose a hindrance and their technology is easily accessible. Look at it like an online app store for logistics technology, with easy customization as the cherry on the cake.

Will working with CargoFL provide ease of operations in my business?

Logistics, be it 3rd party or in-house, often face speed bumps if not managed appropriately. It can be something as basic as order management or something more complex, like analytics and data integration. CargoFL provides an array of services under a single hood so that their customers (shippers) have better ease of operations. There are many business activities that can be simplified on the front-line and many that require back-end working for smooth functioning and CargoFL Dispatch helps with both of them.

From managing order fulfillment to assigning vehicles & drivers to an order, and tracking the shipments – all on a single dashboard. Next comes documentation – processing bills and invoices online, approving/rejecting the bills and viewing bills summary by transporters. CargoFL takes pride in their use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for simplifying paperwork through their product. You can scan multiple documents and the embedded AI will recognize whether it’s a LR or POD, or for that matter, any other order related document. You can then use that data to extract reports for further analysis. It is like hitting two birds with one stone – saving time & lowering costs, along with error-free processing of information. Their Inventory Management module will help you to keep track of even the minuscule information of your inventory with real-time reports and alerts. The product also gives you a seamless experience in terms of availability of online lorry reports (LRs), proof of delivery (PODs) and error-free E-Way Bills. On the back-end, the product creates an ERP Bridge for seamless connectivity of your SAP/JDEdwards with pre-built APIs in CargoFL, thus, enabling pulling or pushing of information as needed. There is also an Accounting Dashboard with deep and detailed visibility into logistics expenses across the organization, eventually helping you to decrease the overall costs and improve productivity.

With a client list including prominent names like TATA Trent (and its subsidiaries), Pune Mahanagar Pari-vahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML), Hindustan Petroleum (HP), Puma among others, CargoFL products speak volumes for themselves and endeavour to redefine the logistics industry by their configurable cloud-based SaaS technology throughout.

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