Shiprocket’s AI-based platform ‘Engage’ to address sellers pain points and reduce RTO rate

Shiprocket, staying true to its commitment of democratizing e-commerce for sellers and enabling D2C brands to scale have launched a dedicated post-purchase order processing platform ‘Engage’.

Built to allow sellers to scale their e-commerce business through automated workflows and AI-based order analysis for risk scoring, Shiprocket Engage provides a robust customer experience that minimizes the RTO (Return To Origin) rate efficiently and increases profitability for online sellers. 

Rising as a prominent challenge for all e-commerce brands/sellers is the high RTO rates which causes all sellers, big and small, face considerable losses.

“As a leader in the D2C logistics and fulfillment space, we understand the pain points of sellers. With the rapidly growing demand for e-commerce, sellers often struggle to reduce RTO’s as they manually carry out their process, which hampers their efficiency and affects their ability to connect with customers. We wanted to address this issue by launching Shiprocket Engage, operating on cutting-edge technology, which will ensure a seamless and enhanced post-purchase experience by automating the manual processes, resulting in error-free, efficient operations and enhanced customer engagement.”

Saahil Goel, Co-Founder, and CEO of Shiprocket

Powered by an AI system trained on over 1 billion data points, Shiprocket Engage automatically flags orders with high RTO risk and provides a seamless post-purchase experience for end customers by reducing RTOs significantly and improving their profit margins. 

With the entire post-purchase journey powered over WhatsApp, all the pain points are well addressed, as sellers are able to confirm orders, verify and correct addresses, increase prepaid orders, send tracking notifications, and manage NDR flows to collect delivery re-attempt preferences from customers automatically.

This reduces sellers’ inbound (tracking-related) and outbound calls (NDR – rescheduling deliveries). Engage automates most of the post-purchase workflows resulting in optimizing the usage of human resources/manual processes. 

Furthermore, the platform helps merchants process and ship their orders in an expedited manner, which also helps decrease the RTO rates.

On  a usual, merchants are required to spend an average of 24 hours to confirm orders, review, and correct addresses, etc. however, with Engage the process becomes more efficient and is conducted in a non-intrusive manner, within 3 hours to complete order confirmations, address review/corrections, and increase prepaid orders.

Using a combination of WhatsApp, IVR, and manual calls, a merchant using Engage will get over 60%-70% of orders confirmed within 3 hours of receiving the order, enabling faster shipping & delivery, improving customer satisfaction, and minimizing RTOs. 

Shiprocket Engage is priced at a simple Rs 4.99 for each order processed.

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