Logistics sector’s role in soaring EV sales and greater impact of Green Tax

The logistics sector has notched spiraling growth in the past couple of years. Even the pandemic-induced volatility could not dampen its march. Interestingly enough, what is intriguing is that Logistics is keeping pace with new-age technologies as well as incorporating every latest trend possibly imagined with great ease. There can’t possibly be any sector which has registered so many changes including drastic ones within a single quarter. 

The logistics sector is at the helm of introducing the Electric Vehicle revolution in India. For sure, this transformation will turn everything on its head and no wonder, entire nation will have lot to thank logistics sector for. With sustainable growth forming one of the core principles, Logistics is making gigantic inroads as far as achieving sustainability is concerned. With the adoption of more environmentally sensitive practices, we are at the forefront of making a huge impact. With India not far behind in joining the bandwagon of international logistics players, its contribution goes beyond measure for shaping the growth of the logistics sector.

Amidst all of this, government’s decision of implementing the ‘Green Tax’ will have a huge bearing on this sector. With a view to maintaining sustainability, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transports and Highways, introduced the concept of Green Tax to be levied on older vehicles. Under this provision, 50% of the road tax imposition has been stipulated for petrol and diesel vehicles.  

According to the ministry, transport vehicles older than eight years would be notified for the renewal of the fitness certificate and eligible for tax imposition (at 10-25 % of road tax). Having said that, public transport vehicles such as city buses, will attract less tax while vehicles operating in most polluted cities will subject to higher tax. Starting next month, government departments and public sector undertakings will own vehicles which are older than 15 years. 

Government must be applauded for bringing in such measures for environment rejuvenation especially at a time when automobile sector is battling hard the reverses induced by the pandemic. Given the long existence of logistics sector and the non-compliant vehicles which are causing damage to the environment by flouting norms, must be controlled and well-regulated by way of law. A strong adherence will inevitably ensure sound and environmentally-sensitive model. Moreover, with EV revolution knocking at our doors, it will make for a smoother and easier compliance to the law as well as enable requisite changes. Nonetheless, it is high time we as an industry need to work shoulder to shoulder with the government so as to ensure all around wholesomeness to our societies and planet. 

This apart, we, like other tech-driven logistics companies, have always been emphasizing over the health of environment in our model by giving it utmost priority while aiming for sustainability practices. The model always strives for superiority which centers around holistically healthful practices and methodologies. Sensing its importance in the times to come, our sector has successfully lapped it up by leapfrogging others rather quickly. As an industry, our sector has always been compliant with every effective government policy and will continue to extend support to government even on the issue of imposition of Green Tax. No wonder, all the logistics players have figured out ways and means much before its imposition and have been planning for the same for long. However, it won’t be a big deal as technology will help logistic sector settle and embrace these issues.

Most importantly, we being a sector with immense potential for growth and much to contribute in economy of our country ought to concentrate on building wholesomeness into our ecosystem by developing sustainability as its core competency. The evolution of EV has introduced us to paradigm shift in the technology and newer way of life waiting to unfold for greater good. It’s just a matter of time before we all become integrated with it. Going forward, we need to be more pliable to these changes offered by the government which will usher us towards greener economy.    

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