Jeena Criticare completes delivery of 100 tonnes of the COVID vaccine in the past year


Jeena Criticare, the critical healthcare division of Jeena & Co., recently announced having completed a milestone 100 tons of COVID vaccine deliveries, across the country throughout 2021. Be it as an appointed distributor to Serum Institute of India’s (SII’s) COVISHEILD vaccine deliveries or as a part of the strategic collaboration for Asia’s first Drone based vaccine delivery project for the Telangana government, Jeena Criticare rendered a pivotal role.

During the peak pandemic time till the end of 2021, Jeena Criticare have been instrumental in clearing and moving 3000 MT of COVID care equipment that include oxygen concentrators, RT PCR kits, PPE kits, hospital beds, medicines & critical care drugs, masks, vaccines, and ventilators. Jeena’s Pharma Division has also been instrumental in getting fast track import clearance, from the normal 24 hrs to a special 5 hours flat, for COVID Care aid and other healthcare transportation from countries like, South Korea, Germany, USA, Taiwan, China, Italy and also the WHO. With their global logistics support, Jeena has also been a part of India’s export chain enabling healthcare to various countries and also for customers like the WHO (World Health Organisation).

This is a proud moment for Jeena Group, as we are actively a part of the nation building process. We have been distributing the vaccine shipments which are otherwise time & temperature sensitive, in a record time! Our partnership with various government and private stakeholders, including the drone technology company TechEagle, the SII, and various state and central government bodies, is a part of our commitment to driving digitally enabled efficiencies across our own business operations. 70% of our vaccines are delivered pan India within 8 – 12 hours flat.”

~ Cyrus Katgara, Director, Jeena & Co.

Earlier in September 2021, in a strategic partnership with TechEagle, Jeena Criticare was a part of Asia’s First Drone-based vaccine delivery project in a complete cold chain environment, for the Telangana government. This, especially in the backdrop of the recently liberalised drone technology rules, is in line with the Central Government’s ambitious plans to reduce the Logistics costs of the country through a combination of policy, technology adoption and infrastructure development.

From temperature-sensitive storage and loading, handling and delivering vaccines to the remotest corners of the country, in a seamless and effective manner, the Indian pharma supply chains have been the backbone of delivering health and happiness across the nation. This National Vaccination day, Jeena Criticare pledged to continue its commitment to help build robust vaccine supply chains & last-mile logistics and lead India’s critical fight against the pandemic and all diseases.

Jeena & Company is an end to end logistics service provider catering to a vast range of sectors, through its specialized subsidiaries. They offer unparalleled services across Air and Sea freight, exports and import, last-mile deliveries, specialized warehousing, as well as key value-driven services like customs clearance and forwarding as well as documentation, for both Indian and International clients.

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