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New study finds volume of shoppers returning to stores nearing pre-pandemic levels

Reading Time: 4 minutes A new study by Zebra Technologies Corporation titled 15th Annual Global Shopper Study has found out that shoppers are […]

Amid supply chain issues, major Indian airlines compelled to ground their fleets

Reading Time: 3 minutes Major Indian commercial airlines are facing the brunt of supply chain issues as shortage of […]

Error-proofing supply chains with Elastic Logistics

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today’s rising unpredictable demand fluctuations, along with the increasing need to maintain an excellent user […]

Tata Motors on a treacherous path as global semi-conductor shortage sustains

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tata Motors seems to be walking on a treacherous path amid the global semi-conductor shortage […]

China resume logistics operations as per usual

Reading Time: 2 minutes Long enduring shipping bottlenecks due to the latest COVID outbreak, China’s logistics industry has come […]

Qatar Airways Cargo move 30million vaccine across destinations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Qatar Airways Cargo has transported almost 30million COVID-19 vaccines to destinations across its network, including […]

Stringent COVID measures worsen congestion at Chinese ports

Reading Time: 2 minutes Combating the largest COVID wave ever since the initial outbreak in early 2020, shanghai towards […]

Shanghai lockdown likely to disrupt the Indian pharma industry

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Indian pharmaceutical industry braces for severe impact as another COVID outbreak in Shanghai causes […]

Jeena Criticare completes delivery of 100 tonnes of the COVID vaccine in the past year

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jeena Criticare, the critical healthcare division of Jeena & Co., recently announced having completed a […]

How the worst-ever COVID outbreak in China is creating disruptions in the supply chain

Reading Time: 3 minutes After almost a negligible impact on the container prices and leasing rates due to the […]

China Zero-COVID policy to have prolonged impact on global supply chain: GlobalData

Reading Time: 2 minutes The strict restrictions instated by the Chinese authorize following the continued outbreak of new variants […]

Truckers’ protests choke cross-border trade between US and Canada, Trudeau declares Emergency

Reading Time: 3 minutes The ‘Freedom Convoy’ or truckers’ protest against COVID-19 mandates has been raging in Canada since […]

Another year of strong flight for cargo charters?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The growing desperation of putting products on shelves amid the COVID restrictions and supply chain […]

Businesses leverage real-time data to navigate through the supply chain crisis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Two years into the pandemic, global economies are still struggling to adapt to the changes […]

Ratio of temporary to full-time staff in e-Com and q-Com rises amid COVID-19 restrictions

Reading Time: 2 minutes As the number of nation-wide COVID cases are ballooning, State Governments have individually implemented various […]

Similar to the tizzy in Maharashtra, COVID-19 mandate for truckers at US-Canada border leave stakeholders fretting

Reading Time: 2 minutes Logistics Insider recently reported about how COVID-19 mandate for entry into Maharashtra had left the […]