Introducing: Amazon’s first-ever floating store on Dal Lake

Amazon 'I have Space'

Yesterday, Amazon India announced its first-ever floating store on Dal Lake in Srinagar under its flagship ‘I Have Space’ program. The program is a testament to Amazon India’s commitment to providing its customers with a reliable and convenient delivery experience and empowering small businesses with additional earning opportunities. Srinagar-based, Murtaza Khan Kashi, who owns and operates a houseboat named Selec Town, will enable delivery to Amazon customers residing on and around Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake as Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ partner.

Through this program, Amazon India partners with local stores and business owners to deliver products to customers within a 2 to 4 kilometers radius of their store, enabling them to earn additional income. Launched in 2015, the program has more than 28,000 neighborhood and kirana partners in close to 420 towns and cities across its network in India.

The onboarding of Selec Town as an ‘I Have Space’ store addresses the challenges faced by hundreds of customers who reside and run their businesses on Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake, which are also the most visited places in Srinagar by tourists and locals. Previously, these customers had to travel to the shores of the two lakes by shikaras or rely on nearby shops to collect their packages. With Selec Town, Murtaza will deliver packages to these customers every day, safely and on time at the doorstep of their houseboats.

“We are thrilled to onboard India’s first floating ‘I Have Space’ store on Dal Lake, Srinagar. This will enable us to provide customers across Srinagar with reliable, efficient and faster deliveries. This also reaffirms our commitment to creating meaningful opportunities for individuals, and introducing new capabilities to empower our delivery network.”

Dr. Karuna Shankar Pande, Director, Amazon Logistics, India

Since starting operations on Dal Lake, Murtaza has become the source of reliable deliveries for customers residing in and around Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake. For Murtaza, the program is a journey towards empowerment and earning additional income.

“While I have a houseboat as my primary business, it only brings in seasonal income from tourists in Srinagar. However, the cost of managing the houseboat is very high, which has made it very difficult for our family. To address increasing expenses, I began looking for additional income opportunities. It was then that I came across Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ program, which allows local store owners like me to supplement our regular income by delivering packages to Amazon customers. I saw this as the right fit for me to utilize my free time, use my shikara to deliver packages to Amazon customers, and also earn additional income.” says Murtaza Khan Kashi.

As Amazon scales and expands its delivery network across the country, it has introduced programs like ‘I Have Space’ and ‘Amazon Global Selling’ which help Indian sellers/manufacturers expand their horizons.

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