Amazon is on the way to achieving USD 8 billion worth of Made in India exports this year

Under its flagship program – the Amazon Global Selling initiative – Amazon has been helping Indian exporters reach far-flung markets across the world. In what could become a landmark for Amazon India as well as India’s export sector, exports by Indian sellers to Amazon marketplaces the world over are on track to surpass USD 8 billion in 2023. Last year, the estimates for e-commerce exports facilitated by Amazon stood at around USD 5 billion. Further, the global seller has set an aspirational target of achieving USD 20 billion worth of e-commerce exports from India by 2025.

An Amazon India blog mentions a quote by India’s Union Minister for MSMEs – Narayan Tatu Rane – where he talks about MSMEs playing a significant role in increasing the e-commerce activity in the country, and subsequently exports.

“With its vibrant and dynamic nature, this sector fosters entrepreneurship and generates employment opportunities. To unlock its full potential, we must encourage manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and international expansion. E-commerce exports, facilitated by programs like Amazon Global Selling, offer Indian MSMEs unparalleled opportunities to showcase their products globally. With enabling policies and support, we can turn our Prime Minister’s vision into a reality and become a global export powerhouse,”

Narayan Tatu Rane

Amazon Global Selling has grown to more than 1.25 lakh Indian exporters since its launch in 2015. Sellers from over 200 Indian cities are part of the Program. It helps Indian exporters list their products across 18 Amazon marketplaces such as the US, the UK, the UAE, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and Singapore and then sell to over 200 markets globally.

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