India’s top CSR-focused logistics and supply chain companies

With changing consumer demand, the role of logistics and supply chain companies has also evolved over the past few years. As consumers make a shift from the brick and mortar model to e-commerce platforms and put the social development of the nation in the same realm as the economic development, logistics companies have stood in support of the changing ecosystem. 

Where on one hand the logistics companies have exponentially helped in the growth of the Indian economy by providing livelihood and employment to thousands of people and meeting consumer demands with innovation, they have also been heavily contributing to the social development of the country through their community development initiatives.

Here we talk about some of India’s top logistics companies (in no particular order) which have a focussed approach towards their CSR initiatives for the social benefit of communities.


DHL, a global leader in the logistics industry, carries out its corporate social responsibility with a diverse range of programs and projects. Its CSR activities are integrated into the Group-wide corporate responsibility strategy, “Living Responsibility.”

The company under its motto Living Responsibility focuses on protecting the environment (GoGreen), delivering help (GoHelp), championing education (GoTeach), and support volunteering activities of our employees (Global Volunteer Day).

With GoGreen DHL’s focus is to avoid, reduce and, when necessary, give the customers the chance to offset, greenhouse gas emissions (primarily CO2). DHL is exploring various measures to reduce its carbon footprint in India. Additionally, by supporting local NGOs and social entrepreneurs in their efforts to provide sustainable energy solutions primarily to the rural sector, the company will play a role in reducing the environmental impact on the community at large.

GoHelp program has a strategic disaster management partnership with the United Nations (UN) at its core. This has made DHL an important player in the worldwide humanitarian community. When called upon by the UN, the company supports global relief efforts by volunteering its logistics expertise, its global network, and the personal commitment of its employees.

The Disaster Response Team (DRT) of DHL is trained and ready to provide effective airport logistics support to humanitarian relief operations in the country and is now on call 24 hours a day. Within its GoHelp pillar, the company collaborates with reputed NGOs, such as Goonj, Akshaya Patra, Save Life Foundation (SLF), Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust, etc, and support various causes, for the upliftment of the needy in our community.

To improve the educational opportunities for the youth and get them ready for the world, DHL has established its Group-wide program GoTeach. Through the GoTeach program, the company collaborates with established partners: Teach For All and SOS Children’s Villages. In India, DHL will look for opportunities to partner with local NGO partners, such as SOS Children’s Villages of India, Teach For India (TFI), The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Safe Life Foundation, Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust along with others, to facilitate and improve children and young people’s access to educational opportunities, employability, and better health.

Blue Dart

Homegrown logistics company Blue Dart Express utilizes its extensive network to invests in community development initiatives to achieve the highest impact through CSR.

While the nation was fighting for life and death during yet another COVID wave BlueDart facilitated the transport of oxygen concentrators amongst other essential COVID relief medical equipment across the length and breadth of the Indian terrain. The service provider launched the ‘First In Last Out’ policy, through which it transported COVID-19 vaccine samples, temperature-controlled movement of COVID-19 testing kits, ventilators, PPE, testing kits, reagents, enzymes, respirators, surgical masks, goggles, and gloves amongst other critical materials.

In another environmental initiative, BlueDart during World Elephant Day 2021, planted 1,03,170 trees in the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary along with its tree plantation partner, This Green Campaign by the company will improve elephant habitats considerably and offset over 20,00,000 kgs of carbon per year on maturity.


FedEx, an American multinational shipping & delivery services and supply chain management company have its operations running in more than 220 countries. The company is committed to its employees, and the communities it serves. 

FedEx over the years has developed strategic relationships with charitable organizations that share its values. Its focus areas of interventions for its CSR initiatives include Emergency and Disaster Relief, Pedestrian and Child Safety, Education, and Health and Human Services.

Safety is a core FedEx value, and it is the company’s top priority across all operations. To ensure the same, FedEx currently partners with the Safe Kids Foundation, India to promote child and pedestrian safety, and also supports other organizations that work to enhance the safety of children and road users across the region.


DTDC, one of India’s most preferred courier brands, carries its CSR initiatives through SSC Foundation, named after the Founder Chairman of DTDC, Shri Subhasish Chakraborty. Formally inaugurated on 15th October 2011, the foundation already has more than 10,000 members. With the belief that making people self-reliant is the best way to help society, DTDC has helped more than 5400 families become self-reliant. In addition to this, the company is also very engaged in various socio-economic activities, like flood relief campaigns, education, and child development programs.


Aramex – a multinational logistics, courier and package delivery company – as part of its CSR initiatives has launched a sustainability platform called ‘Delivering Good’ which is designed to help communities grow by running programs focusing on educational development, environmental protection, and fostering entrepreneurial talent. Of the communities that are covered by the company’s global footprint, over 90% have active sustainability programs.

In addition to this the company also heavily invests in youth and equips them with the skills and tools they need to enter and thrive in the job market. Its development programs include scholarships, training, internships, and specific skills enhancement programs within select industries. The company also provides young students with the opportunity to gain increased access to educational and IT programs that will enhance their long-­term development and growth.

Credits: The CSR Journal

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