Import of medical devices simplified amid surge in Covid cases

medical devices

As India continues to grapple with the unprecedented second wave of the Coronavirus, the Prime Minister has permitted the importers of medical devices for making mandatory declarations under Legal Metrology Rules, 2011, after customs clearance & before the sale.

Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday took to his official Twitter handle and confirmed the same. He said that this move by PM Modi will help fulfil the demand for medical devices required for COVID-19. 

The import of 17 medical devices for three months have been granted permits. These includes nebulizers, BIPAP devices, Oxygen cannisters, ventilators, oxygen generators, etc.

The circular by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution read, “…considering the pandemic situation of COVID-19 and to meet the demand of medical devices, the central government permits the importers of medical devices three months from the date of this advisory, subject to the condition that the importers shall make all declarations required under these rules immediately after import/custom clearance and before sale by way of stamping or putting sticker or online printing as the case may be.”

The release further state that all the importers importing the medical devices under this permission shall inform all such imports with the quantity to the Director and Contributor in the state, where the import is being made immediately after the import.

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