How Abloy is expanding the safety net for the transportation of High Value cargo


Safe Transportation of cargo is a perfect coalescence of the various processes in the supply chain that involve rigorous coordination, labour and unwavering trust. In a technology-driven world as ours, access management systems have emerged as a clear victor in vanquishing security breaches, and when it comes to transporting high-valued goods through advanced locking and access management systems, ABLOY serves as a hallmark of trust. In this story, we look at how ABLOY is expanding the safety net for the transportation of precious cargo by combining the very best of digital and mechanical expertise through its powerful solutions and how customer centricity is of prime focus for the company.

With a highly skilled workforce of 750 people in Finland and another 240 in international operations, ABLOY has been largely successful in integrating quality, sustainability and innovation to set a new precedent in security, especially for the transportation of high value cargo. With a robust locking and access management system in place, it has set a benchmark in providing core security to the critical infrastructure business.  

Harnessing the benefits of access solutions: More ways than one

Safe and secured transit of high value goods forms the climacteric part of the entire supply chain process.  It is a culmination of perfectly-executed crucial decisions like banking on a trusted cargo partner, evaluating aspects pertaining to experience, use of necessary tools and latest technology for security, documentation, just to name a few. But the core concern remains security; for, a security breach can lead to tangible, intangible and sometimes, even permanent damage.

“Every part of the supply chain must ensure physical security and protocols to be part of the risk management system to guarantee that the cargo arrives safely and intact. Hence, robust locking with key control, traceability of key use with remote management and accurate access rights have become vital”, shares Sanket Managave, Managing Director of ABLOY India.

While unveiling ABLOY’s commendable services, Sanket walks us through the various options available for different industries to reap the benefits of the company.

“One of the principal features of ABLOY is the extensive master-keying possibilities which combine high security access control and convenient use”, shares Sanket.

ABLOY Padlocks offer an unsurpassed level of performance and protection for transportation security needs. These padlocks are highly resistant to physical attack and tampering, providing durability even when used in harsh environmental conditions.

ABLOY Digital Portfolios facilitate time-based remote management of access rights, with maximum safety and awareness of the situation. An audit trail helps in tracking people movement and activity of the key.

The company has tailored solutions for every sector. For railways, Abloy provides advanced electronic locking systems for each carriage and locomotive.

“In addition to our comprehensive product range, we provide holistic custom-made solutions, whether for a new configuration of existing components or a completely new structure for an existing system. Seaports warrant special attention when it comes to security threats such as unauthorised access, cargo theft and smuggling. With ABLOY Digital Portfolio, remote security and administration can be achieved at any point of time for smooth operation”, adds Sanket.

Technology trends that will redefine safe transport of high-value cargo

The growing trends in technology stand as an augury of the evolution of our times. Transportation witnesses a shift today with the emergence and growth of advanced technology. Special cargo care in consonance with fast-moving technology is a winning combination that echoes a seamless experience in cargo transportation.

“Special cargo care can help balance the risk & cost of cargo”, writes Sanket.

In railways, advanced software and applications are used to secure traffic by preventing accidents and to battle against the anti-social acts that affect the railway operations and quality of service.

Video surveillance, cargo inspection systems, nuclear & radiological detection system, tracking & navigation system, fire & safety detection systems, perimeter intrusion system and access control systems are some of the imperative upshots of technology in transportation.

“Right combinations of such technological outcomes define safety in roadways, railways, maritime and aviation, thereby ensuring safe operations, enhanced service quality and reduction of losses”, shares Sanket.

Abloy’s prized key and access management system CLIQ and how it regulates advanced and dual security

Infusing the latest technology trends into its solutions remains the recurrent motif in Abloy’s operations. The company offers the latest future orientated solutions to streamline logistic operations and make them more competitive, without ever compromising the safety of both cargo and personnel.

For enhanced security and operational efficiency in transportation and logistics industry, they have come up with Abloy’s PROTEC² CLIQ™, which is an electromechanical locking solution.

PROTEC² CLIQ is an easy-to-use, double secured access control system for India’s critical infrastructure including transportation and logistics industry. ABLOY® PROTEC², which is based on the patented rotating disc cylinder mechanism, takes care of the mechanical security, while electronic CLIQ™ technology allows flexible control of keys, access rights and audit trails. It combines both technologies into one effective solution.

PROTEC² CLIQ is suitable for highest level of remote security, controlled movements and direct monitoring by ensuring access to only authorised and proficient personnel, thus reducing risk of theft and loss.

CLIQ™ technology provides unique identification for every opening through encrypted communication.

Power is in the key, with a battery life of up to 10 years, it provides wireless function of time and calendar with complete audit trail. The key can open both ABLOY mechanical and CLIQ electronic locks.

PROTEC2 CLIQ solution enables integration with other existing systems like fleet management systems in transportation. PROTEC² CLIQ solution is a package of locks, keys, programming device, CLIQ Connect keys and CLIQ web manager software. CLIQ cylinder electronics comprises of CLIQ controller, drilling protection plate and 11 rotating discs.

Through the looking glass: Sustainability and future  

While reaping the harvest of today, it is important that the seeds for the future are so sown that it stays for generations to come. Abloy has taken this concept to the core of its heart and has demonstrated its commitment towards sustainability and a secure future.

“The fact that we are a fully owned subsidiary of Abloy Oy, we are strongly underpinned by the parent organisation succoring every business aspect in Abloy India, be it financial, quality, technical assistance, innovation or deliverables to our customers in India”, shares Sanket.

Abloy aims at developing new product concepts that are truly innovative in the way they create customer value, while being based on more sustainable solutions and processes. To maximise the sustainability of new products and solutions, Abloy considers the whole life cycle of products and focus the engineering efforts on areas where the greatest impact can be achieved.

While shedding more light on how sustainability is a huge commitment, Sanket shares valuable information on their factory operations.

“The Joensuu factory is landfill-free. The amounts of hazardous waste we produce are being reduced through training, and anticipatory maintenance of machines. Surface treatment requires chemicals that can, if handled incorrectly, endanger health and the environment. We have chosen to replace surface-treatment chemicals with less-hazardous alternatives; and to make operation safer, we renew the equipment used when handling chemicals. The water from process is purified suitable for sewage. The products we manufacture comply with the regulations in the RoHS directive and REACH. New water meters installed at the Abloy Joensuu factory in 2015 are enabling us to monitor water consumption closely. In the summer of 2013, we switched to Väre’s carbon neutral electricity generated using wind power, hydropower and biomass. In the beginning of 2018, we switched to Fortum’s carbon-neutral district heating”, he shares.

“Sustainability is a driver throughout the group value chain; it is an important element in innovation, in sourcing, in production, in employee development, in products and solutions”, concludes the Managing Director.

Reading between the lines: Customer centricity as the prime focus

In a world where profit lies at the core of every organisation’s priorities, Abloy has mastered the art of placing the customer at the heart of its operations, and that has made it a preferred choice in terms of quality and service.

“It’s been a legendary journey of over 112 years in the global market, bringing in more insights of practical situation faced by customers from varied industries. Voice of our customer is the most imperative takeaway for us”, shares Sanket.

“It drives us to envisage, innovate and deliver as per global trends and demands. Being a global leader in security solutions, we have always been at the first place to innovate and introduce advanced versions. Although price plays its role in every business, yet goodwill, quality and service are valued more than price in a highly competitive business environment. Everything around us has evolved with time and so have we”, he rightly observes.

To conclude, the benefits of using a core locking and access management system have never been more relevant than in today’s age where the world thrives on data and automation. As an organisation that is committed to facilitating a hassle-free secure experience, ABLOY with its locking innovations is certainly on the right track to create more trust in the world. By combining the very best of digital and mechanical expertise, its industry-leading security solutions can greatly protect people, property and business and facilitate transportation of valuable goods.

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