Coldman Logistics forays into the ambient warehousing segment

Coldman Logistics is a leading player in the cold chain industry in India. With temperature-controlled (TCW) Pallets capacity of 60,800, 5 Lakh Sq Ft Ambient storage space and 100+ owned reefer trucks, Coldman is one of the largest cold chain companies operating in the country.

The advent and growth of e-commerce in India, has undoubtedly pushed the demand for warehousing, especially modern warehouses for the storage of food products. In the pandemic era and ongoing situation, the need for such warehouses has surged due to constant demand for healthcare, pharmaceuticals and FMCG products. With the rise in demand, the need for Grade ‘A’ warehouses has multiplied many folds.

We asked Sanjay Sharma (VP Sales, Coldman Logistics) about the Coldman advantage, to which he replied: “Though the ambient warehousing space is already crowded and many service providers are offering their services, Coldman aims to bring global quality infrastructure in line with their TCW. We are positioning ourselves from the existing players by bringing high-quality Grade-A warehouses which shall contain temperatures under 35-degree CelciusCelsius and under desired humidity levels, which enhances the shelf life and quality of products. This aspect has been ignored so far for many product categories and we intend to add this parameter to existing space and derive a niche segment out of this.”

Coldman has already leased out around 5 lakh sq. ft. of warehouse space to large multinational FMCG customers in the locations like Rajpura in Punjab, Ahmedabad, JNPT near Mumbai and Baramati. With the demand mushrooming continuously, the game-plan is to achieve 1 million sq. ft. of warehousing space by FY23 with upcoming warehouses in Hyderabad, Noida, Coimbatore and Kolkata. Built to Suit solutions have also been provided to healthcare and large multi-national FMCG customers.

Coldman provisions Grade-A infrastructure warehouses and has acquired certifications from FSSAI, FDCA and BRCGS. They have also made sure that their operational activities are eco-friendly, keeping in mind the global agenda of a sustainable world.

There has been a considerable increase in demand for ambient warehousing from Coldman’s existing as well as projected market base. Keeping the focus still on the cold chain services, to cater the demand created for grade-A facilities for specialized healthcare/pharmaceutical products or FMCG products, Coldman has forayed into the ambient warehousing segment.

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