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The February issue of the magazine gives an insight into the industry’s response towards the recently announced Union Budget 2022. Along with that, we have curated a series of intriguing stories for you on securing the essentials’ supply chain, cargo charters’ cruising flight, shaping multi-modal logistics through ITS, the Indian logistics industry’s outlook towards Omicron, and several other knowledge filled columns, interviews and much more.

Let’s check out!

Those engaged in the supply of essential goods (FMCG, pharma, non-pharma, etc.) have been critical in the post-pandemic world and were the ones to lead the changes witnessed by the logistics and supply chain industry. In our cover story this month, we have tried to gain knowledge about how difficult it was initially and what it took to make the journey of immense transformation in the last two years.

Take a look at this month’s major stories:

Cover Story: Combat Ready, Almost: Securing the essentials’ supply chain

Special Feature: Sink or Swim: Indian logistics sailing through Omicron

Feature: Another year of strong flight for cargo charters?

Tech Talk: Intelligent Transportation System: Moulding the future of multi-modal logistics


This month’s magazine also brings to you our conversations with Dr. M.J. Khan (Chairman, Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture) about his outlook for the agri-supply chain in India, Mr. Satyaki Raghunath (Chief Strategy and Development Officer, BIAL) about what it took to make BLR achieve its phenomenal growth and Mr. Ashutosh Mishra (Head of Logistics, Bisleri) about how Bisleri adjusted to the ‘new normal’.


In the SCM Spotlight, Mr. Shammi Dua, Lead – Supply Chain CSL, Unilever talks about what packaging means in the upgraded logistics ecosystem.


For TechTalk, we take a look at what the Intelligent Transportation System is, how it can be used to revolutionize the future of multi-modal transportation while ensuring sustainable growth, and what speed bumps do implementation encounters.


In this edition, Mr. Nishith Rastogi (Founder & CEO, Locus) talks about trends in last-mile delivery in India, Mr. Divay Kumar (CEO & CoFounder O4S) talks about supply chain automation, and Mr. Sharadchandra Kaulgud (COO, Imperial Supply Chain Solutions) shares his thoughts about best practices in inventory management.


Stay knowledgeable, stay ahead in your game!

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