Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal aces cargo handling for India’s First-Ever MotoGP Event

Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal has achieved a remarkable feat by successfully handling the import and export cargo for the historic MotoGP Bharat event held recently at the Buddha International Circuit in Greater Noida. This groundbreaking achievement underscores Çelebi’s commitment to excellence and its pivotal role in supporting such major and large-scale events.

The scope of the operation was nothing short of extraordinary. Çelebi flawlessly managed a substantial cargo load of approximately 900 tons, comprising around 150 pieces in each direction. Notably, this cargo included approximately 40 high-performance superbikes, all integral to the thrilling motorsport event. Handling such ultra-customized sports vehicles, equipped with advanced electronics and the latest materials, demanded specialized equipment and infrastructure – a challenge that Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal readily embraced.

The success of this operation was attributed to impeccable planning, meticulous stakeholder alignment and coordination, and high levels of collaboration. From handling import and export consignments to ensuring the security and integrity of cargo, every detail was meticulously addressed. Çelebi’s preparedness shone through with its arsenal of main deck loaders, lower deck loaders, heavy-duty forklifts, and flatbed trucks, all operated by experienced professionals. Real-time coordination with all stakeholders was pivotal, ensuring a seamless cargo operation.

In total, eight wide-body freighters (747s) were deployed for this monumental task, operated by three different aircraft operators. This level of partnership and coordination showcased the logistics industry’s collective capabilities when faced with unique challenges.

Mr. Kamesh Peri, the CEO of Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal, expressed his enthusiasm for Çelebi’s role in this historic event. He stated, “We are thrilled to have facilitated our expertise during India’s first-time hosting of MotoGP. Çelebi delivered seamless cargo handling services, underscoring our unwavering commitment to excellence. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled & motivated team, Çelebi was well-equipped to handle special cargo handling requirements. We are proud to have contributed our services to the successful hosting of MotoGP Bharat, ensuring that this remarkable event ran smoothly.”

A Historic Achievement

Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal’s successful handling of cargo for India’s first-ever MotoGP event demonstrated its capabilities and dedication and stands as a testament to the logistics industry’s ability to rise to extraordinary challenges and deliver excellence on a grand scale.

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