Augmenting warehouses for storage of food grains, FCI operates 2,199 warehouses across India : Govt

The government of India on Friday informed the Rajya Sabha that the Food Corporation of India (FCI) is operating a total of 2,199 warehouses, owned, or hired, across India.

The top three states are: Punjab has 611, followed by Haryana 297 and Uttar Pradesh 248.

“The Food Corporation of India (FCI) continuously assesses and monitors the storage capacity and based on the storage gap assessment, storage capacities are created/hired,” Union Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Ashwini Kumar Choubey told the Rajya Sabha in a written reply.

Augmentation of the storage capacity by FCI is done through Private Entrepreneurs Guarantee (PEG) Scheme; Central Sector Scheme (CSS); Construction of Silo’s under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode; Hiring of godown from Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) / State Warehousing Corporations (SWCs) / State Agencies and Hiring of godown through Private Warehousing Scheme (PWS).

The number of storage units owned or hired by the FCI in different state as on January 1, 2022 are: Bihar has 80; Jharkhand has 48; Odisha (46); West Bengal (30); Sikkim (2); Arunachal Pradesh (15); Assam (40); Manipur (9); Nagaland (6); Tripura (7); Mizoram (6); Meghalaya (6); Delhi (6); Haryana (297); Himachal Pradesh (18); Jammu & Kashmir (26); Ladakh (6); Punjab (611); Chandigarh (1); Rajasthan (173); Uttar Pradesh (248); Uttaranchal (20); Andhra Pradesh (40); Andaman & Nicobar (1); Karnataka (62); Lakshadweep (1); Kerala (25); Tamil Nadu (68); Puducherry (3); Telangana (72); Chhattisgarh (63); Gujarat (36); Dadra Nagar Haveli & DD (0); Madhya Pradesh (36); Goa (2) and Maharashtra (89) making the total of 2,199, the Minister said.

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