Zypp Electric to set foot in drone logistics segment, join hands with TSAW Drones

Zypp Electric, which operates in the last-mile delivery space, has partnered with TSAW Drones to foray into the drone logistics segment and announced its plans to deploy 200 drones in the first phase.

An extension to the company’s fleet of e-scooters, the drones will help in delivering medical, food, and grocery parcels in long distances and in hilly terrains where deliveries through roads are tougher, the company said in the statement.

TSAW Drones is a drone logistics start-up that builds an end-to-end intelligent technology stack including smart ground control station (GCS), unmanned air traffic management (UTM), and AI-assisted smart fleet health management for drones to deliver all kinds of loads.

With this partnership, Zypp electric will be able to make the long-distance last-mile deliveries highly efficient, as the factors such as traffic congestions or human dependency will be eliminated.

Introducing drones for automated deliveries will reduce the time and cost of last-mile deliveries drastically, Zypp Electric said adding that drones with their speed and AI intelligence are capable of connecting every person to every location in the city.

The company in the first phase plans to deploy 200 drones for last-mile delivery in four cities with limited localities.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with TSAW Drones. The best part is that drones are flying EV vehicles and they will add as an extension to our ground fleet of e-scooters to deliver medical, food, grocery parcels in long distances at 1/10th the time needed and also in hilly terrains where deliveries via roads are tougher.”

Akash Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Zypp Electric

He added that the company is looking forward to making the deliveries smoother and smarter across various locations.

To ensure the safety of the items at the time of delivery, all the drones deployed will be equipped with smart lockers which can be opened only through an OTP provided to the customer, the company informed.

Zypp electric has planned these services in all the cities where the company operates such as Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

“The company provides end-to-end drone solutions for logistics with a vision to automate and optimize the process of transportation in logistics by introducing drones/ UAVs. With this partnership, we intend to disrupt logistics services by providing drones services for the last-mile delivery at the warehouse and the customer’s doorstep,”

Kishan Tiwari, Founder and CEO, TSAW Drones

“Cities today are expanding beyond imagination and catering to every customer is impossible with the existing infrastructure. TSAW’s partnership with Zypp electric has made the process of implementation even faster, just like our drones. Together, we will soon be at the doorsteps of every customer,”

Rimanshu Pandey, Founder and COO, TSAW Drones

The drone package delivery which is perceived to be the future of the logistics industry is projected to grow from USD 528 million in 2020 to USD 39 billion by 2030.

Zypp Electric said it chose TSAW Drones as part of its EVolve Innovation Program with Venture Catalysts, an early-stage incubator. The program’s major goal is to assist EV start-ups that are aiming to improve last-mile logistics and the electric vehicle (EV) sector as a whole, according to the statement.

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