Western Railway runs special trains to transport 24000 tons of essentials

western railway

The Western Railway, in such difficult times of the pandemic, is operating parcel special trains and is ensuring that essential commodities including medicines and medical equipment have been made available continuously throughout the country. 

As per reports, Western Railway has operated parcel special trains and transported 24000 tons of essentials which includes a special rake of milk,from scheduled railway stations on May 3, 2020 for various stations across the country.

“Western Railway through its various parcels special trains 24000 tons during the period from 23 March to 3 May 2020. Overweight goods have been transported, which mainly include agricultural produce, medicines, fish, milk and medical supplies. The total revenue generated through this transport has been around Rs 7.27 crore. During this period, 20 milk special trains were run by Western Railway, carrying a load of over 14400 tonnes and 100% utilization of wagons, with a revenue of about Rs 2.48 crores. Similarly, 124 Covid-19 special parcel trains were also run for transportation of essential commodities, for which the revenue earned was above Rs. 4 crores.” 

~Mr. Ravindra Bhakar, Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway

Further, he adds, “7 parcel special trains left Western Railway for different parts of the country on May 3, 2020, including 6 trains Mumbai Central – Ferozepur, Okha – Bandra Terminus, Rajkot – Coimbatore, Okha. – Guwahati, Dadar – Bhuj and Bandra terminus – Okha parcel special trains, while a milk special rake left from Palanpur to Hind Terminal.”

During the period of lockdown,Western Railway has used a total of 2847 rakes of goods trains to supply 6.21 million tonnes of essential commodities.

5876 freight trains have been connected with other railways, of which 2966 trains and 2910 trains have been taken at different interchange points. 150 Millennium Parcel rakes of Parcel Van / Railway Milk Tanker (RMT) have been sent to various parts of the country to supply the required material like milk powder, liquid milk and other general consumer goods as per demand.

During the lockdown, the Western Railway has estimated a loss of Rs 207.11 crore in March 2020, Rs 449.52 crore in April 2020 and Rs 29.98 crore in 2 days of May 2020.

The total loss of Western Railway (including suburban + non-suburban) due to coronavirus and lockdown has been Rs 686.61 crore.

Despite all this, as a result of cancellation of tickets till now, Western Railway has ensured the refund of Rs 236.02 crore as refund. In this refund amount, Mumbai Division alone has ensured a refund of Rs 114.11 crore. So far, 36.22 lakh passengers have cancelled their tickets on the entire Western Railway and have received their refund amount accordingly.

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