va-Q-tec appoints Ravi Kumar Tummalapalli as India MD

va-Q-tec has announced the appointment of Mr Ravi Kumar Tummalapalli, a proven expert in the pharmaceutical industry, as the Managing Director for India

Mr Thummalapalli under his new role will cover the entire country in terms of service and consulting and thus provide intensive support for a large number of projects in the Indian market, including the newly opened Indian subsidiary in Mumbai. 

He has over 2 decades of contribution in high-end pharmaceutical / OTC / FMCG supply chains. In his previous role, Mr Thummalapalli was the head of logistics for APAC, Japan and China in TEVA Pharmaceuticals.

va-Q-tec’s newly opened Indian subsidiary is a tribute to the fact that the country with the second largest population in the world (2021) is considered to be one of the main producers of pharmaceutical products. 

These temperature-sensitive drugs and vaccines consequently require solutions to facilitate safe transportation to their destination. In a developing nation like India with varying climate zones, this presents a particular challenge. However, leveraging their outstanding passive technology, va-Q-tec’s advanced thermal boxes and containers have been recognized for many years in the temperature-controlled supply chain market as a safe, reliable solution ideal for these types of challenges.

The new subsidiary in Mumbai is a strategically important next step in making vaccine and drug shipments safer, more reliable, and more environmentally friendly not only locally, but globally. We are very proud to be able to respond faster and more directly to the requirements of the fast-growing market with a dynamic local team and thus tailor our services even better to customer needs in India. I am particularly pleased that with Ravi Kumar Tummalapalli as Managing Director we can offer the concentrated experience of a true industry expert on-site!” 

~ Christopher J. Storch, Global Head of Sales of the va-Q-tec Group.

India which is considered as one of the world’s largest producers of pharmaceuticals, including drugs and vaccines, supplying up to 60% of the world’s supply has seen its pharmaceutical market grow to $55 billion in 2020, with potential for more and expected growth to $65-70 billion by 2024. Through the three TempChain Service Centers in Hyderabad and Mumbai, which have been operating there for several years, va-Q-tec’s solutions have already been in use by several well-known companies. These products have proven many times that the special technology and the sophisticated services form an important building block for domestic road transports, but also on long-distance transports by air freight. The new distribution site will further support the growth of this vital industry. 

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