“The ACFI Conclave is About Putting India’s Air Cargo Industry at the Center of Global Attention” says ACFI President Yashpal Sharma

The Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) recently hosted a curtain raiser and press briefing in New Delhi, setting the stage for its highly anticipated Annual Conclave on July 4, 2024. The event, marked by an enthusiastic turnout, underscored the industry’s anticipation for a transformative gathering. The ACFI Annual Conclave 2024 aims to energize the air cargo community by bringing together all relevant stakeholders, including airports, GSAs, carrier partners, shippers, regulators, policymakers, and government authorities. This iconic event is set to shape a vision for a prosperous, innovative, and resilient Indian air cargo sector by fostering collaboration and driving economic progress.

Setting the Stage for Transformation

Satish Lakkaraju (ACFI’s Event Management Chairman) began the briefing with an overview of the upcoming Conclave’s key business sessions and overall agenda. He emphasized the importance of the event in addressing critical issues facing the air cargo industry. “We have a power-packed schedule aimed at discussing and resolving some of the most pressing challenges in our industry,” he stated. Lakkaraju also announced that Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu, Indian Minister of Civil Aviation, has confirmed his presence as the Chief Guest at the ACFI Conclave 2024.

Among other dignitaries and supply chain leaders to attend, Mr Vumlunmang Vualnam (MoCA), Mr Zulfiqar Hasan (BCAS), Dr Surendra Ahirwar (DPIIT), Mr Piyush Srivastava (MoCA) and Mr Sanjay Agarwal (CBIC) will be the Guests of Honor and Mr Kapil Kaul (CAPA India) will be the Keynote Speaker.

A Vision for Growth

ACFI President Yashpal Sharma took the dias to deliver a powerful and optimistic message about India’s future in the global air cargo market. “India is gearing up for a major air cargo boom,” Sharma declared, highlighting the extensive preparations underway to position India as a central hub for global air cargo. He outlined the strategic planning and measures being implemented to elevate India’s standing in the global logistics landscape.

Sharma painted a bright future for the industry, emphasizing the significant opportunities that the world sees in India. He projected a substantial increase in air cargo volumes and expressed confidence in achieving ambitious growth targets despite some skepticism. “The ACFI Conclave is about putting the Indian air cargo industry in the center of global attention. We want that when the world looks at what India today holds as a promise for their growth, India’s air cargo ecosystem needs to showcase that it is ready for whatever the customer demand is,” Sharma stated.

Global Recognition and Participation

The curtain raiser also highlighted strong international interest in India’s air cargo sector. The Annual Conclave 2024 will feature an impressive lineup of panelists, including global carriers, terminal operators, and airport representatives from around the world. Sharma noted that their participation underscores the global community’s recognition of India’s potential.

A Collaborative Approach

Sharma emphasized the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders to unlock the potential of both international and domestic freight movements. “Connectivity is the key to any economy’s growth, and we have managed to make our mark in the global air cargo industry despite the challenges presented by COVID-19,” he said.

He highlighted the significant increase in India’s air cargo footprint with newer airports creating their own cargo movement ecosystems for domestic and international consumption. “You may not see a straight line growth to 10 million MT, but rather a slightly curved one. Yet, we will reach that target,” Sharma assured.

Government and Industry Support

Sharma underscored the critical need for government support in achieving these ambitious targets. He advocated for the full implementation of the open sky policy for cargo operations and the adoption of a transshipment policy to match global standards. “From the government’s side, we really require the open sky policy in full to achieve the capacity. We also need the government to adopt the transshipment policy and the processes to supplement it, both of which are at par with global counterparts,” Sharma stated.

He also stressed the importance of digitalization across the entire supply chain to boost processes and reduce dwell time significantly. “Industry must also invest sizably in skilling the entry-level workforce and upskilling the existing workforce,” he added.

Key Highlights of the Conclave

The ACFI Annual Conclave 2024, to be held at the Taj Palace in New Delhi, promises to be the premier event for India’s booming air cargo industry. This unmatched gathering will allow attendees to gain invaluable insights from industry experts, engage with key stakeholders such as airports, carriers, and regulators, and witness transformative technologies optimizing operations. The event’s highlights include:

  • Three Business Sessions and Two Fireside Chats: Focusing on diverse possibilities, opportunities, challenges, and actionable strategies within the air cargo sector.
  • Innovation Awards: Celebrating groundbreaking innovations in the industry.

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