Tata steel uses inland waterways in Odisha to ship heavy machinery for Kalinganagar project

Working on the expansion of its plant in Kalinganagar, Tata steel utilized inland waterways in Odisha to bring in the heavy machinery for the project.

The development of the inland waterways is a focus area of the government as transportation of goods is cheaper through this route compared to rail and road.

On Tuesday, on National Maritime Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India’s maritime sector has scaled new heights in the last eight years and contributed to boosting trade and commercial activities.

Tata Steel Vice President (TQM and Engineering & Projects) Avneesh Gupta in a statement said, the move will pave the way for a sustainable logistics model with a potential cost advantage, which will be achieved through consolidation and import of plant and machinery in an assembled condition. “It will also contribute towards decarbonization of the steel sector and the country while also improving road safety due to minimized road movement,” he said.

Speaking of the consignment, Tata Steel informed that it sailed in a chartered vessel from Shanghai to Paradip port in Odisha, from where it was shipped to Marsaghai through river Luna. Further, it was transported to the project site using roadways on April 2.

Leveraging multimodal Logistics, including the Inland waterways, Tata Steel’s Engineering & Project (E&P) Division shipped nearly 1000 cubic meters of four super over-dimensional assembled cargo. These project cargoes are part of the slag granulation plant that is being set up in Kalinganagar, it said.

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