Tata Steel transports finished steel in LNG-fuelled trailers in India

Consistently putting efforts towards a carbon neutral future, Tata Steel flagged-off its first batch of liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered vehicles to transport its finished steel products at a function in Nagpur on March 5, 2022.

Tata steels vendor partners Ashmi Logistics and Shreyas Associates, under the guidance of the Tata steel’s logistics department has deployed two vehicles each for local movement of the products in Nagpur. The vehicles aim to ferry around 1,000 metric tonnes of product. 

LNG run vehicles are greener as compared to vehicles that run on other fuels. An LNG vehicle emits zero sulphur dioxide and 85% less NOx and greenhouse gas as compared to others. 

Tata steel over the last three decades, has concerted efforts in various areas, including supply chain, to mitigate climate change and manage associated risks. The company launched its Responsible Supply Chain Policy in FY20 which specifies “Environmental Protection” as an integral sustainability principle for all its supply chain decisions and processes. 

In February this year, Tata Steel became the first Indian steelmaker to transport goods using inland waterways from the Haldia Port in West Bengal to Pandu Port in Assam, reiterating its commitment to building a sustainable future. 

Last year July, the Company pioneered the use of electric vehicles to move finished goods from its erstwhile Tata Steel BSL’s Sahibabad Plant and Pilkhuwa Stockyard in Uttar Pradesh.

Tata Steel also became the first steel producer in the world to join the Sea Cargo Charter to reduce ‘Scope 3’ greenhouse gas emissions in ocean trade last year. 

The Company has been rated “A” and is listed as 2021 ‘Supplier Engagement Leader’ by CDP, a global environmental non-profit charity, for its initiatives to reduce GHG emissions and tackle climate-change risks across its supply chain.

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