Supply chain resilience to be one of our top strategy themes: Tata Group chairman

$100-billion Tata group’s Chairman N Chandrasekaran puts supply chain resilience as the company’s top strategy theme along with Digital, new energy, and health.

While giving his New Year address to the group’s 800,000 employees, Chandrasekaran said businesses and society must adapt to the virus by preparing as “best we can for new outbreaks and variants. We are seeing this now with the spread of Omicron”.

The bygone year has been simpler and financially stronger for the company. Chandrasekaran puts the spotlight on the group’s sustainability progress while speaking of the last years and says, “We have made good progress addressing our carbon footprint and positioning our companies to benefit from revolutionary new technologies. Our most important milestone this year culminated in our bid to win Air India. It is indeed a historic moment,”.

Speaking of the way forward, he said, “Our strategy, looking ahead, has four themes: digital, new energy, supply chain resilience, and health. Our companies are already adapting to these changes, and we are witnessing a stronger performance.”

Chandrasekaran said that as a business, the group can play its part in the evolution of India, with its ambitions to become a USD3 trillion economy by 2024.

“We must keep pushing ourselves to be simpler, more sustainable, and more technologically advanced. If we do, we can push our company, and our country, forward.”

However, he said “all ambitions are contingent on a more immediate concern: learning to live with coronavirus. Businesses and society must adapt to it by preparing as best we can for new outbreaks and variants. We are seeing this now with the spread of Omicron.”

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