Qatar Airways Cargo publishes annual financial report 2021-22, upholds its position as the world’s leading air cargo carrier

Qatar Airways Cargo published their annual financial report for 2021-22 recently, and with the numbers upheld its position as the world’s leading air cargo carrier. The cargo carrier transported more than 3 million tonnes of air freight, accounting for 7.99% share in the global market for FY21-22 and accounting for a tonnage growth of 272,975 tonnes in chargeable weight, up 10% on the same period in the previous year.

Serving over 65 dedicated freighter destinations and more than 140 belly-hold passenger destinations worldwide, the carrier mirrored its strong performance from 2020-21, operating a maximum of 155 flights per day at its peak in June 2021.

Qatar Airways Cargo’s strategic focus during the year has been on growth, sustainability and digitisation, and supporting the continuity of global trade despite ongoing market challenges. The fact that a major share of the tonnage transported during FY21-22 was medical equipment, PPEs and critical supplies towards the pandemic recovery, has reinforced the cargo carrier’s position as a major transporter of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

In July 2021, Qatar Airways Cargo became a member of both Pharma.Aero as well as the Cool Chain Association, in its endeavour to collaborate in defining the highest standards in the shipment of valuable pharma goods and ensuring sustainability in transportation by avoiding integrity deviations leading to medical or food wastage.

Qatar Airways Cargo was able to fulfil its commitment to the Unicef Covax programme, transporting over 154mn doses of Covid-19 vaccines as part of a memorandum of understanding signed in February 2021, providing five years of vaccine transport support to this important cause.

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