Qatar Airways Cargo launches real-time pricing engine for enhanced customer experience

Qatar air Cargo’s real-time pricing powered by PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management is now live on all online booking channels across its network.

This real-time pricing engine provides Qatar Cargo customers an enhanced digital buying experience that allows immediate online booking confirmation with accurate, personalised pricing.

The Digital Lounge offered by Qatar is focused on user experience and their ease of use, allowing customers to price and book cargo shipments without the need to call or email the sales team directly.

With the PROS smart price optimization and management solution, Qatar Airways Cargo provides real-time personalized rates to its online channels, accessing real-time capabilities to deliver accurate bookable rates. The

Solution Model increases the win rate and increases sales through its individual value proposition.

Quick to adopt an omni-channel model, Qatar Airways Cargo is giving it customers multiple choices to book shipments based on their own channel preference. With large volumes of complex pricing requests, PROS Air Cargo Orchestration Services enables Qatar Airways Cargo to provide real-time, optimised prices to third-party digital marketplaces such as WebCargo, CargoAl and Being able to respond to these requests with profitable, accurate pricing in a way that is reliable, performant, and scalable provides customers with a premium experience few can offer.

“PROS real-time pricing engine provides a highly accurate, scalable pricing capability that directly translates to a reliable and responsive buying experience for our customers. As a next phase of our implementation, we are seamlessly integrating PROS Smart Configure Price Quote within our sales ecosystem, so that we can quickly manage and deliver omnichannel quoting across our spot, contract and allotment sales.”

Florent Bonello, Vice President Cargo Revenue Management at Qatar Airways Cargo

“The air cargo market is extremely dynamic, and carriers need to be able to respond quickly and accurately to drive superior customer experiences. We are proud to partner with Qatar Airways Cargo to provide a highly scalable solution, with unparalleled response times, ensuring they can deliver fast, accurate, and reliable offers for each and every customer.”

Surain Adyanthaya, President, Travel, PROS

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