Pradhan Air Express operated its maiden relief flight from India to Turkiye

In support of the effort of the international relief supply movement from Indian soil to Turkiye, Pradhaan Air Express has operated its first-ever relief flight to the country.

“The operation of the world’s first and only A320 freighter from Delhi to Adana is also a reflection of strengthening India-Turkiye ties. The airline believes it was India’s first private cargo airline to operate a freighter for emergency relief supplies to Turkiye,” reads the release.

The maiden relief flight of the airline was to Adana, Turkiye for Chapman Freeborn. The aircraft operated with a technical stop at AL Maktoum Airport, also marking the first-ever flight by the A320 freighter to Dubai World Central Airport.

“The airline is grateful to MOCA, DGCA, BCAS in India, GCAA UAE and DGCA Turkiye for their assistance at short notice in enabling this operation,” it reads.

Central southern Turkiye was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on February 6, near the Syrian border, followed by hundreds of strong aftershocks. The quake killed approximately 40,000 people, destroyed extensive infrastructure and left many needing emergency aids.

At least 150,000 individuals are without homes in Turkiye and more than one million people are seeking temporary accommodation. The earthquakes also damaged and destroyed hospitals, limiting access to proper drinking water and sanitary services.

To transport urgent materials across the region, the aircraft with 20.4 tons of available capacity remains available.

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