Pickrr announces same day delivery in metro markets

Pickrr, currently offering more than 90% of orders with next-day delivery has now announced same-day deliveries in the metro markets.

Pickrr, over the past few years, has worked aggressively towards expanding a robust network of intelligent storage facilities within and beyond metro cities. Post receiving the order, the shipment reaches the end consumer from the nearest Pickrr Plus fulfillment center making faster delivery at minimal transportation cost.

With a wide array of tech-enabled services deployed at every step, the brand’s key focus is to reduce turnaround time. The all-in-one dashboard streamlines the whole process from placing the order to the time it gets delivered; Pickrr uses various value-added services that automatically selects a suitable courier partner, calculate the RTO risk percentage concerning all the pin-codes to make decisions safely and quickly, keeping customers informed at seven different steps of delivery, etc. 

“The industry has witnessed many changes in the e-commerce sector due to dynamic customer demands. Last-mile operations have been a persistent challenge and were a major hindrance in achieving same-day deliveries. The consequent efforts by sellers to meet customer expectations have constantly pushed us to devise strategies that have driven our goal to achieve maximum same-day deliveries in metro cities. We will keep introducing more technologies that will help brands remove logistics barriers.”

Mr. Gaurav Mangla, CEO & co-founder, Pickrr

Customer satisfaction has become the prime focus of sellers in the competitive e-commerce marketplace. Therefore, carrying out same-day delivery has become an essential factor in customer retention. 

Currently, Pickrr is delivering 3 million shipments per month, and 90% of them are delivered within 24 -48 hrs. The metro cities are the first phase of Pickrr’s same-day delivery initiative, and the company will be working actively towards achieving the same speed in tier 2 and tier 3 markets.

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