Indonesia implements its first Port Community System at the Port of Rembang

Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale), a renowned IT solutions provider for the global logistics industry, has implemented its CODEX Port Community System (PCS) at the Port of Rembang to fast track, streamline, and automate stakeholder interactions at the port. The implementation of Indonesia’s first PCS has reduced wait time at the gate by 80% and the average truck dwell time by nearly 70%.

Located in the Central Java province of Indonesia, the Port of Rembang is a strategic port from the multi-modal transportation point of view. The port is also a member of the Indonesia Port Business Association (ABUPI), a forum that supports the development of the maritime sector in Indonesia.

Port Community Systems can serve as a unified platform for industry stakeholders to stay connected and gain access to unambiguous information, further facilitating more reliable decision making. As a result of the bouquet of services it provides, it helps to considerably reduce the logistics cost. In reference to the Port of Rembang, the PCS has opened new opportunities and created avenues for its expansion.

Kale is pleased to cater to Port of Rembang and oversee technology adoption in one of the most forward-looking maritime ecosystems in the world. Kale’s CODEX PCS already powers the digitisation of stakeholder engagement at 15 ports and terminals across countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. With this implementation at Rembang Port, we look forward to having a long-lasting relationship with ABUPI and the maritime ecosystem in Indonesia.”

~ Vineet Malhotra, Co-Founder and Director, Kale Logistics Solutions

Kale’s CODEX PCS offers users several features, including shipment bookings, delivery orders, manifests, vessel registration, pilotage and berth allocation, and truck appointment, among others. The online appointment of slot booking for transporters through the CODEX portal and its associated mobile application enables the truckers and port authorities to synchronise cargo movement in and out of the port, thereby, reducing dwell time and congestion at the port gates.

We are now embarking on a journey of rapid growth, and we strongly believe that to achieve this target, a partner like Kale will be an asset for us. The successful implementation of the CODEX PCS will facilitate the promotion of this platform by other ABUPI (Indonesia Port Business Association) network ports in Indonesia.” 

~ Mindo Sitorus, Chairman of PT Pelabuhan Rembang Kencana

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