Indo-US collaboration a key for strong pharma supply chains says US Health Secretary ahead of G20 Meeting

India is all set to host the G20 meeting in September 2023 and integrating India’s supply chains with the world is expected to be a hot topic during the meeting. In that direction, Xavier Becerra (US Secretary of Health and Human Services) emphasized the imperative for collaboration between India and the United States as a way to develop robust pharmaceutical supply chains and enhance healthcare cooperation between the two countries.

Becerra will be engaging in discussions with his Indian counterpart Mansukh Mandaviya during the G20 meeting and the high-level exchange seeks to bolster the health partnership between the two nations, address supply chain vulnerabilities, and explore avenues for joint healthcare initiatives. While speaking to the media before leaving for India he shared a series of thoughts on the agenda for his discussion with Mandaviya.

Persistent Preparedness Post-Pandemic

Becerra affirmed that maintaining vigilance and dedication to resources was essential when it comes to pandemic preparedness, while readiness and prevention are both important in the face of potential health crises. Becerra mentioned that safety measures like wearing masks and vaccination require coordination and collaboration on a global scale to bridge the gaps that emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also spoke about the intensified cooperation between the US and India in the field of cancer treatment and research. He appreciated India’s research capabilities and its commitment to extending assistance beyond its borders.

Building Resilient Supply Chains

In light of growing concerns about supply chain vulnerabilities, particularly with regard to active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) concentrated in China, Becerra outlined the need to establish resilient supply chains. He highlighted India’s pivotal role in the global supply chain due to its abundant resources and leadership in production and research. Emphasizing the necessity of collaboration, Becerra indicated that India and the US must collaborate with other nations to ensure the resilience of pharmaceutical supply chains. He also expressed optimism about fruitful collaboration between the two countries and emphasized the significance of aligning stakeholders’ interests to facilitate the wider availability of life-saving medicines globally.

The upcoming G20 session is expected to reaffirm the commitment of global leaders to collaborative efforts that prioritize the health and safety of all. The health ministerial meeting will provide a platform for leaders to reaffirm their commitment to collective action in the pursuit of global health security.

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