Indian Railways introduce new directorate to expedite the Gati Shakti Scheme

The Indian Railways has created a separate directorate at the Railway Board with its branches at Khurda, Bilaspur, Delhi and Bengaluru divisions to expedite the ambitious scheme, PM Gati Shakti.

Creation of a new Gati Shakti directorate has increased the number of such directorates to 25.

The PM Gati Shakti scheme aims to reduce the logistic cost in India, and envisages multi-modal connectivity with close coordination of various ministries, including the Railways, Waterways and Roadways, together for integrated planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects.

The directorate will be responsible for planning and prioritising projects related to the Gati Shakti Scheme, examining and conducting surveys and project reports.

Launched last year, the aim is to provide integrated and seamless connectivity for the movement of people, goods and services from one mode of transport to another. While it will facilitate last-mile connectivity, it would also reduce travel time for people and reduce the transportation cost of the goods, according to the Railways.

Headed by an additional-member rank official, the new directorate will comprise of six executive directors of different departments like traffic, civil, electrical, signalling and telecom, finance, and security. There will also be a director-rank economic advisor from the Indian Economic Service, the sources said.

More such Gati Shakti units will also be formed at the division level with Divisional Railway Managers heading the units, sources said.

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