ICT at Mangaluru International Airport now open for public use

The Mangaluru International Airport in Bengaluru has opened the doors to its Integrated Cargo Terminal (ICT) for public use. Capable of handling 9,000 tonnes of international and domestic cargo per annum, the ICT is spread across an area of 1891 sq m, with 1,200 sq.m of the area allotted for international cargo and the remaining area for domestic cargo. 

Operations at the ICT were commenced by managing domestic inbound and outbound cargo on the opening day, with international cargo expected to follow soon. The new ICT has ample parking space for all stakeholders and boasts several features to aid in the effective handling of inbound and outbound cargo. Notably, the facility includes 10 truck bays, two dock levelers, and forklifts.

Other facilities at the ICT include separate office spaces for airlines and customs, a centralized AC system, a strong room, cold storage, and a dangerous goods storage area, which meet the norms prescribed by aviation cargo regulators. The ICT is under CCTV surveillance, with separate spaces for training, documentation, conferences, and even a board room. Round the clock under the watchful eye of ASG personnel of CISF, the facility has a pass issuance and frisking booth available at the entrance gate. 

To screen the goods received and dispatched, the ICT includes 100 X 100 & 145 X185 X-Ray baggage inspection systems (XBIS Machine) & explosive trace detection equipment.

Internationally the facility will manage several items like fruits, vegetables, foodstuffs, chilled/frozen fish, spare parts, and textiles. The facility domestically will handle cargo that includes post office (PO) mail, courier items, perishables, valuables (jewelry), blood samples for pharma, human remains, documents/general, and e-commerce items, and dangerous goods. The PO mail primarily consists of items that a Manipal-based security press sends to banks, such as chequebooks and other government security documents.

The airport spokesperson stated, “The dedication of the ICT is a demonstration of commitment on the part of the airport to the local trade and industry that it will do everything to give a fillip to air cargo.” 

The airport plans to engage with various trade-related stakeholders to showcase the ICT’s capabilities and help them understand how the facility can enable the safe and secure movement of cargo to regional and national aviation cargo hubs.

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