Holisol Logistics expands network in its first quarter

Holisol Logistics announced the expansion of a 0.4 million sq. ft. network area in its first quarter of the current financial year. This network expansion will provide 35% additional coverage to Holisol’s existing customer base of global and domestic brands, which enables them to reach their end consumers quickly and fulfill their orders faster.

Holisol’s network already serves more than 80 established marquee brands and is aligned to serve new-age brands which are catering to the changing consumption pattern of end consumers. 

The company’s new customer base is from the fast-growing D2C companies and brands focusing on digitally serving the end consumers. 

Holisol’s network now consists of 25+ fulfillment centers, 60+ hyperlocal fulfillment centers, and 30+ integrated in-plant engineering and customised packaging sites.

Even in these times, Holisol is able to achieve new heights in monthly revenue while maintaining healthy operating profit margins. The company is looking forward to doubling its revenue in the current year on the strength of a strong demand pipeline from its existing and new customers. 

Its value-proposition of Design-Implement-Manage of the end-to-end supply chain is delivering real-world margins and savings for its customers as they are able to sell more, while at the same time reduce their logistics costs.

“This network expansion takes us closer to our mission of building and operating one of the biggest fulfillment networks in Asia with 100 FCs & 800 HFCs and create seamlessly connected logistics super grid. This logistics super grid will enable our customer success by providing the opportunity to store and move their inventory seamlessly within the network. Enabled by ML & AI the ‘logistics super grid’ will create higher visibility and provide intelligent inputs which will be predictive and prescriptive in nature.”

~Rahul S Dogar, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Holisol Logistics.

Holisol has created a strong tech-enabled network of pick-up centers, customer experience centers, rapid fulfillment centers, return/refurbishment centers, dark stores, exchange stores, and omnichannel fulfillment centers for industries spanning retail, fashion, lifestyle, FMCG, online marketplaces, and auto industries. 

Its multi-user Fulfilment Centres make it easier for customers to come on board and avail the benefits of the state-of-the-art infrastructure with best-in-class service levels.

Recently, Golisol raised its fifth round of funding by availing debt of USD 3.0m from Northern Arc Capital. 

The first angel round happened in 2013, raising USD 1.5m from Sundeep Bhandari promoted Datavision Systems Pvt. Ltd. In 2015, Holisol raised USD 10m from CLSA Capital Partners, and in 2017, CLSA did a follow-on round of USD 10m followed by USD 2.74m debt from Black Soil in 2019.

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