Godrej & Boyce to create efficient warehouses by digitally enabling its operation

Godrej & Boyce, announces its plans to create efficient warehouses by digitally enabling its operation, a top official of the company said.

The move will increase the efficiency, reduce the cost of operation and time of delivery, A M Visvanathan, Executive Vice President – Special Projects, Godrej & Boyce told PTI in an interview while elaborating on how does he see the company’s logistics vertical after a decade from now.

Godrej & Boyce is really large as a conglomerate with an extremely wide portfolio, consumer-facing businesses, industrial products, and now a large vertical which is focused on logistics.

“Godrej has got a lot of plans. It’s been working on it for a while and it has got a lot of plans. You can sort of break it into four parts if you want to. Storage, which is the storage industry. You have the fork truck industry, and then there’s automation,” he said.

He further said,” I think 10 years down the line, India will be possibly one of the largest logistics markets in the world because there are certain large economies like China and the US, which will also be growing.

“We(the company) will be number 1 in creating efficient warehouses. ..What does it mean to create an efficient warehouse? We are not talking of automating at the cost of removing people, but we are talking of automation, digitally enabling the operation of a warehouse, which will increase the efficiency, which will reduce the cost of operation, which will reduce the cost of time of delivery,” he explained.

So there would be a lot of predictive data analytics in the future, he said and added that to get the supply chain ready for it or to get therefore the warehousing infrastructure ready for it is a huge opportunity.

Godrej & Boyce has businesses including Godrej Storage Solutions, Godrej Material Handling, and its joint venture with Germany-based Körber AG – Godrej Korberoperates in the warehousing industry.

The company is poised to offer an integrated solution for the warehousing industry in India with the help of its automated intralogistics solutions, manufacturing of lift trucks and custom racking solutions with seismic capabilities, and conversion of Grade B and C warehouses to structured, automated warehousing facilities.

“We strive to be an insights-driven organization and for that, we need to deeply understand changing customer preferences and how we can leverage insights across our diverse businesses to enhance the value we bring to our customers. We want to ensure that these data-led insights guide all our business decisions,”

Nyrika Holkar, Executive Director, Godrej & Boyce

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