Goa’s agriculture export policy to increase states share in national Agri exports

Intending to increase farmers’ income and states share in national Agri exports, the Goa government on Friday notified of the Agriculture Export Policy (AEP) for goa.

Under the policy, the Goa government looks to promote the state as an Agri export hub of India, develop requisite export-oriented infrastructure, and promote novel, indigenous, organic, ethnic, traditional, and non-traditional Agri products for exports.

Agri products like cashew, mancurad mango, Moira banana, alsando, and korgut rice could form the export blanket for Goa.

“Goa can become an export hub owing to the facility of Mormugao port and Dabolim airport,” the policy states.

“All this can be achieved when efforts of farmers are coupled with the development of necessary export infrastructure in the state,” it states.

The policy is expected to boost entrepreneurship development, diversify the export basket, and promote novel, indigenous, organic, ethnic, traditional, and non-traditional agricultural products for export.

The policy recommendations are organized into two broad categories: strategic and operational.

To maintain the quality of products and manage Pre-harvest and post-harvest, the policy intends to put in place appropriate infrastructure and logistics support, like pack houses and cold chains, exit point infrastructure, processing infrastructure, testing labs, and refrigerated transport vehicles.

Special infrastructure, like vapor heat treatment, irradiation facilities, hot and cold water treatment facilities, dehydration, Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) technology, ripening chamber, etc, will also be developed for which involvement of private entrepreneurs and the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries will be sought.

“Emphasis will be to attract private investments in export-oriented infrastructure at a larger scale. Involvement of the private sector since the initial planning of the infrastructure results in efficient infrastructure, which will boost Agri export from the state,” the policy states.

The major products exported from Goa are alcoholic beverages, jaggery and confectionery, and cereals preparations, among others.

The export of Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) products from Goa, in 2016-17, was 17740.23MT valued at Rs 9,881.12 lakh. In 2017-18, the export was 13585.93MT valued at Rs 7,364.51 lakh.

“It is also recommended that marketing campaigns be created for individual fruits or products such as manicured mango, cashew feni, and korgut rice. This activity would be for a sustained communication campaign in the form of a branding blitz across key targeted markets. This must utilize both digital and traditional media platforms,” the policy states.

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