GEODIS offers humanitarian aid and support to war-torn Ukraine

Geodis Ukraine

International logistics service provider GEODIS has extended a helping hand towards the people of Ukraine and has committed to offering humanitarian aid in this hour of need.

This aid will be provided through the mobilization of the Group’s logistics capabilities for the transportation of essential goods, alongside a fundraising initiative in collaboration with the French Red Cross.

The company will provide free transport and storage of goods from France and other European Union countries to the regions that have taken in refugees from the war-torn nation.

To deliver these services, the Group will rely on its local teams, who are already setting up the appropriate transport and logistics resources to support the humanitarian aid and relief efforts. In particular, GEODIS will provide warehouse sites in strategic locations close to the Ukrainian border.

GEODIS management has decided to extend support to the French Red Cross in its operations through a fundraising campaign which will be open for all employees of the Group to contribute to.  Every euro donated will be matched by GEODIS on a one-for-one basis. All donations received by the French Red Cross will be used to support people directly affected by the conflict by helping to meet their needs for water, basic necessities, medical supplies, first aid and psychological and social support.

We want to express our support for the Ukrainian people, who are experiencing the horror of the conflict. In addition to financial donations, the entire GEODIS Group has decided to contribute to the humanitarian effort by exercising its expertise in organizing transport and storage. Our network and our teams, whether at head office or at the local level, are fully dedicated to facilitating the flow of goods linked to international solidarity.”

~ Marie-Christine Lombard, Chief Executive Officer, GEODIS

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